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New Beginnings

With each passing breath / moment / day, a new beginning and opportunity comes our way. But especially on a day like today, a New Years Day, with the monumental passing of one decade into another, new reflections on the past year can define the importance of growth & change in our life.

I ask myself, what lessons have I learned? And can I pave the way for a better tomorrow with these lessons? Can I spread the joy and love and education from these inspirations? What dreams and goals have I strove for and achieved and / or lost? Can I jump even higher, making a contribution to society in some way, each and every day? Can I give back more than I can take? Can I become a better person in my thoughts, words and actions? Can I overcome my fears, my reactions, my judgements and any negativity, my biggest challenges, my critics, my enemies and my internal demons?

These all seem really broad introspective questions. All with the desire to cheer-lead a resounding ‘YES’. But I’ve never really been big on New Years resolutions, especially on big non-specific pledges. As I said, each and every day is an opportunity to be the best that I can be. However, there is one desire for my Year in 2010, and beyond. And in order for me to follow through on my wish, I truly need to be responsible, 100% accountable and very specific to the task at hand. I’ll start with a 30 day challenge …. and that involves staying on top of my blog. To record the journey of my life / our lives this year, one day at a time.  And with a positive attitude and determination to change, albeit even on a small scale, with baby steps, I am already on the path way to success. Day 1: here I am! Even if the blog is only one word, expressing the experiential journey of the day, I will share with you my daily life the journey we have undertaken, in our 35 foot 1991 Airstream Trailer. She’s a beauty, and her story is well worth telling.

I made the most incredible skydive with my husband on the sunset load today here at Skydive Houston. 14000 feet of pure adrenaline surrounded by brilliant golden sunlight on a blue sky-ed day. I wanted our jump to be different, something shared just between the two of us. So we took a ‘head down’ flower exit ….. (if you’re not a skydiver, visualize exactly what my words sounds like). And with excitement at a first for holding it stable for so long, we had a joyous smiling kiss pass that left my heart pitter-patting at 5000 feet. What a way to celebrate the first day of a new year. Joyously, with vibrancy, full attention and awareness, living our lives to the fullest potential. It took us some work to get to this stage today. But we made it, and I’m feeling very much at peace with the journey thus far.

Thanks for sharing in my first day of 2010. How was your 1st day of the rest of your life? rV There Yet? Or have we just begun??

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  1. I just wanted to say I love you both and….
    WHAT AN AWESOME SITE NAME… knowing you both.

    Mike X

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