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Market Days

Red SunflowersGiant zucchiniI love going to a Farmer’s Market, especially in the height of seasonal goodness! Every Friday morning in Port Colborne, when in town, I’ve been diligent about cruising the fresh produce stands of the local community farmers, recycled bags at hand, ready to reel in my healthy purchases.

And everywhere I look, glorious colours vie for attention, flowers are at their peak bloom, fragrances of summer fruits and vegetables peak my senses and the sounds of the early morning buzz ring melodic harmonies as a plethora of visitors and marketeers banter in a glorious exchange for the fresh produce and goods. Truly, a photographer’s dream, whether it be a Canadian market in the height of summer, or a foreign emporium in the heart of Africa or India. I am drawn by the local colour and culture, intrinsically attuned to the community which survives on collective abundance and local initiative. I feel inspired by the beauty of Nature and Mother Earth’s plentiful offerings.

fresh local vegetables

Long live the sustainability of local farmers in these dark environmental times of challenge, uncertainty and food questionability and security. We are so blessed to have these offerings provided with love from the land, where there is nothing for want and the variety and selection of summer edibles is varied, tasty, inspired and vital.

I really love this pledge made by the local citizens of Berkshire, Massachusetts. Wouldn’t we be a healthier and more bountiful society if we could support our local communities in the same way?

“I pledge to buy and utilize locally grown food and food products to the extent that I am able and to serve my community by educating others about the many benefits of buying and eating locally. I take pride in supporting local farmers and producers who preserve and sustain the beauty and bounty of the Berkshire region.”

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