Generosity of spirit abounds!

My heart is so filled with gratitude for Frank Hoffele and his wife Barb …. he is a remarkable man who owns a pre-loved thrift store in Harriston called ‘Friends Caring and Sharing’. The principle and mantra that they live and work by in life is caring for others in God’s name. In reality, this is by far more than just a business selling second-hand goods. Through his business Frank has spent the last 16 years serving the Lord; his generosity of spirit and call to service has been prevalent through charitable sponsorship and promotion of missionary work.

We spent a good portion of our afternoon speaking of his devotion to helping those in need, locally foremost, and worldwide in conjunction. Because he is a friend of my Father’s, Frank heard about my mission work at the orphanage in Guatemala, and immediately offered to help in whatever ways possible. I am overwhelmed by his desire to serve others and to help those in need, and in my case, specifically to help the children in so desperate need of aid at NPH Guatemala. Additionally he has offered to help me fundraise for my trip. As this is a volunteer position for a year (with no outside help to cover my transportation, living and educational expenses — learning Spanish 2 months prior to starting on July 10th), I am extremely grateful at the thought of any additional support (‘love donations’) that happens to come my way — although I’m happily and 100% willing and able to support myself throughout my entire mission …. My purpose behind going to Guatemala delves far deeper than the financial aspect could ever proffer.

On leaving the store, I had several bags in hand with souvenirs for the children at the orphange plus a bag filled with clothes for me to wear on my journey; Frank was very straight-forward in telling me that my money was not good in the store, and hence, whatever I wanted or needed would be complimentary. How generous is that??! Magnificent!

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