Jumping Squirrels

Chocolate sKY

I found my courage to jump in the cold today. It’s been about 5 years since I last jumped in – Celsius temperatures, and I wasn’t sure how my shoulder would hold up. You see, my body tends to seize up in the cold and the last place I wanted to find myself impounded and immobile is at pull time. So there I was, leaping like a lemming, praying for the best (with a ton layers & under armour to keep me hopefully nimble enough).

Birdman slaDE~

Lucky for me, I managed to get 2 jumps in before the cold seeped through to my brain, instilling a sense of “are you crazy” logic to stop whilst I was ahead of the dwindling sun and warmth. However, my beloved husband fears not the cold and managed to get 5 spritely glorious jumps in. What a way to leave the drop zone @ Skydive Houston … in high spirits, with plenty of love and yogaFLIGHT shared by all. We ended this evening by sharing in a delectable sushi meal that left us all stuffed to the gills (pun intended!) and satisfied that we would soon return. Perhaps in the spring or maybe next winter. Regardless, we WILL be back. It almost feels like home away from home.

BTW, Tandem Skydives at Skydive Houston, until the end of January 2010 will be $99. Yes, you read that correctly, $99. Better come and jump before this special runs out!!

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