September 2019
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Connecting with the Homeless

It was my 3rd Friday off this past weekend and I relished knowing that this was ME time. A time to relax, feel inspired and expressive. A time to catch up on items longstanding through the week and a time to potentially catch up on sleep. But what made this weekend so exciting and special […]

7 years and holding

Celebrating 7 years of anything. Now that in itself is a huge feat in my life! To honour that time with slaDE~, now that is something I truly treasure. In honour of our 7 years together, I wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion with the fullest and most entertaining experience possible (for a Wednesday night […]

projecT 366

I’ve been needing a cre8tive zap in the butt … and I think that I’ve actually found something! Although it requires a HUGE commitment on my part, this is exactly what I’ve been longing and searching for ….

My cre8tive commitment for 2008 … posting pictures (hosted by flickr) that I’ve taken of: anything, anywhere […]

A walk in the park

My favourite season of the year is tied between spring and autumn. Spring because of the clean fresh breathe of green paint and life found resplendent in nature. Autumn because of the fresh coat of sunset washed tint splashed so vividly everywhere in the flora (one last hurrah before hibernating for the winter). Wanting to […]

City and colour

Markets of any sort draw me within, lulling me into an inner frenzy, excited at the prospect of buying and supporting locally, lessening our environmental footprint. However, local here in Calgary pretty much means that the produce is imported from British Columbia. It seems, although factually I am not entirely sure, that Calgary does not […]

Lost Prairie Photos

What a jam packed weekend! After 7 long years of absence, I returned to Lost Prairie to many old time friends.

Sadly, I’ve yet to find the time to write about each glorious day, but I wanted to get some photos up so that you could enjoy the splendour. Forgive the old cliche / Chinese […]

3 for 3 in 2006

I wonder if I should call this entry ‘Hot-tubbing Across Canada’ or rather ‘Hot-springing across Canada’ 🙂 !

What a delight today has been …. Our third hot-spring-ing session in 3 weeks here at Radium Hot Springs. Wow, wow, wow. The day started out luxuriously sleeping in and enjoying another day of R&R. We […]