Wind Beaten

Holy wind! The drive north through Oklahoma and Kansas, right through Iowa and to Illinois kicked our butts gas mileage wise. Not only has the price of diesel skyrocketed, the winds continuously throttled our trailer, crosswind for ¾ of the journey. Compared to our average fuel mileage towing of 18 mpg, we averaged 15 mpg with the winds. Egads … It may not sound like much of a drop, but when travelling 2000+ miles @ US$4.19 a gallon average for diesel fuel, I certainly take notice! At least we made it safely to Sycamore, Illinois, where we were hoping to spend a few days with our dear friend Barbie June. Feels good to be ‘home’.


Just one of those days

One of those daysEver have one of those days when you just want to throw in the towel and go home to Mom and family? I had one of those today. So I’m thinking that I will, go home and nest. Solo. To be with family for the weekend, enjoying my parents’ new puppy dog ‘Reggie’. I’ve been forewarned however. Now that I have a new ‘sibling’  sister in the family, I better bring Reggie a new play toy and housewarming gift! Egads, my Mother is certainly smitten with her new baby (part Blue Healer but mostly Border Collie). Bonus that my younger sister and husband will be there! Fabulous :). This visit has been a long time coming and I’ve promised to spend some time scanning in slides so that they can be accessed and viewed digitally. This is a BIG job, as there are thousands of photos from our childhood to be gone through, sorted and then scanned. This just might be the first of many trips this summer to Mom and Pats, especially with this scanning job. :).

It was interesting, speaking with my sister today. How she feels that in as she ages and grows, she feels a need to spend more time with our parents. That semblance of mortality closing in, of only having this present moment, and wanting to make each moment ‘count’. And knowing that our family are around for a finite, undetermined time, the desire to go home is strong and true, for both of us, especially with my track record for travel and winters spent in warmer climes.

Winding down, winding up

Why is it that whenever I go on vacation (a time of supposed relaxation and stress-relief), I usually end up needing a vacation afterwards to unwind from a fast-paced hectic schedule far busier than my everyday life!

The eve before a trip, for both slaDE~ and myself, is typically an evening of last-minute packing and little, if no, sleep. Such was the case last night. Nada sleep. Zippo. Zillch. Makes for a tired girl …. but happy. Actually I’m really excited, to be going home. slaDE~s in the same predicament. No snoozin for uS! We have such huge plans with much to accomplish. Fitting it (and family / friends) all in will be a hectic but enjoyable experience.

Our friend Robin was extremely kind to offer us a ride to the airport. On time, relaxed and adrenalized, we encountered an interesting scenario at check-in. At first, the gate attendant gave us an absolute NO to bringing slaDE~s parachute along on the flight, whether it be carry-on or otherwise. Armed with a Vigil xray card, we spent an animated 15 minutes speaking with his supervisor before getting the a-ok to carry the rig on board. yipPEE! That was a HUGE accomplishment, and slaDE~ was visibly relieved.

With a 1.5 hour delay on our Westjet flight, I was able to catch a lovely little cat-naP in the lounge waiting area. I’ve had the good-fortune of napping in different terminals, and Calgary is one of the comfy ones, indeed!

After a spectacular visibly beautiful flight we landed uneventfully at Waterloo-Wellington International airport. What a pleasure! Small airport, no lines, quick baggage capture. Can’t beat that, especially when the family only lives a 10 minute drive away.

A relatively quiet night for me. I was pooped!