Declutter a go-go

A funny thing seems to be happening with the fall out of my chaotic rumblings of unpacking and assessing of belongings in the barn. I woke up early this morning to a mass of paper and ‘stuff’ that I had brought in from the barn, placed lovingly but haphazardly on the Airstream couch. The thought of the mess creeping in to our current home was too much to bear. So tackle it I did. And then I moved on to my file portfolio + my book drawer that needed organizing and decluttering. In with the new, out with the old. Rule #1 for me in bringing something new in to the trailer: remove an item for every item that is purchased and/or inserted. I’m feeling a bit more grounded in my ‘stuff’ in that although there is a huge amount of belongings that I own, I am more willing to part with the past and move forward (not true for everything of course, just yet anyway). The donation boxes are overflowing and I keep adding to the piles of odds and ends. You name it: clothing, books, office and beauty supplies, trinkets, house and appliance stuff, etc. No time for a garage sale, but plenty of paper purging and releasing to the gods. My gift pile is huge! I’m going to have to take make a separate entry in to my excel spreadsheet just for the gifts, so that I know what I have and am in need of releasing.

The process of using a spreadsheet helped me immensely throughout this process. It’s been a helpful tool that eases the burden of remembering and solely sticking with emotional attachment. Once photographed in categories and documented on paper, I am able to move forward through the disorderly mess that surrounds me. It is my first belief that amidst chaos, if one is able to find clarity and resolve, true strength of character will shine brightly and the end goal will appear more defined and closer than if drowning within the mess of ones own thoughts.

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