yogaFLIGHT on the Outer Banks

DSC 0420 yogaFLIGHT on the Outer BanksThus far, our experience of North Carolina has been amazingly incredible adventure, sharing the journey with both old and new friends, generous in their hospitality, graciousness and spirit. It’s hard to believe that just under 3 weeks ago we left Canada. We didn’t expect to spend this much time in North Carolina. But I am so happy that we stopped to smell the roses, allowing for the opportunity to explore the State and discover the people more fully.DSC 0426 yogaFLIGHT on the Outer Banks

We started our morning off with a bike ride around the Wright Brothers Memorial. We knew that today was our last day in the area (on this trip anyway), so I really waited to revisit the Kill Devil Hill monument and Wright Flyer jungle gym. I took notice of the thickening clouds before we left, but really didn’t think that the rain would affect us, with only an hour out on the trail. Wrong! On our return from the Monument, the rain started to pelt us with growing fury. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at my silliness for not bringing rain gear along with us. I actually enjoyed being caught mid-ride, delighted by the fresh smell of rain and nature as it soaked us to the core.

DSC 0648 yogaFLIGHT on the Outer BanksDSC 0638 yogaFLIGHT on the Outer BanksDSC 0634 yogaFLIGHT on the Outer BanksWhat started as a suggestion for a yogaFLIGHT demo with our hosts David & Kelly, at the yoga studio which he works out of (Outer Banks Yoga and Pilates, owned by Michelle ) turned in to a spontaneous complimentary yogaFLIGHT workshop with 11 participants wanting to play and fly! What a fabulous way to bookmark our trip here on the Outer Banks.

DSC 0677 yogaFLIGHT on the Outer BanksDSC 0716 yogaFLIGHT on the Outer Banks