Planting roots in Perris

Home sweet home
High flying Canadian

Driving through Los Angeles to me is quite the stressful event, with a 34+ foot trailer in tow. Traffic is incessant and heavy at all times of the day, but a bit less so later in the evening. Consequently, we timed our journey across the top of the city for 9pm last night and it still took us 3 hours to span the distance between Ventura on the northwest side of the city through to the eastern boundary of Riverside with a constant flow of fast-moving vehicles. Extremely low on diesel, we managed to find a fuel stop that allowed us to park our rig for the night. We were both done and completely drained. I truly can’t imagine ever living in LA, having to deal with the traffic issues they have. Thank goodness we never hit rush hour. Let me tell you, towing a long trailer gives one new meaning to driver awareness of ones surroundings, options and capabilities.

Wind tunnel
Perris Valley Wind Tunnel

With a fresh outlook (and a huge sigh of relief), we made the short trek to Perris Valley, hoping to park our Airstream at the dropzone for the next 3 or 4 days whilst exploring LA and yogaFLIGHT in Beverly Hills. We settled in to our own little area tucked away quietly with other seemingly deserted RVs. A hot shower was dearly appreciated. And not having had Internet for the last 5 days, I was happy to hunker down at the dz’s ‘Bombshelter‘, catching up with friends and family via email and facebook on their lovely hi-speed Wifi connection. This blog badly needed updating!

It was kind of cool to see the Canadian Skyhawks training here in Perris. Kind of felt like home, with all the Canadian flags flying above our heads (the Team canopies are one huge Maple Leaf!).

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