No tooth fairy here

My poor baby …
slaDE~ had three teeth extracted today and a root canal plus fillings drilled into his jaw. He lost his two front teeth several years ago playing hockey, and at the time, opted not to have anything done to fix the gap in his mouth. But a terrible tooth ache forced his hand and he went to the dentist to see if he could quell the rebellious mouth beast. The dentist told him that he needed the extractions taken care of asap and hence, here he is today after 4 gruelling hours spent in the dental chair. A partial was molded to fill in the gap, but the thought of wearing that for 48 hours after such major surgery seems downright painful to me.

I find it hard not to mother my partner when he is feeling ill or is going through so much pain. But in this instance, I let him tell me what he needed and gave him the space and time to heal. Diet modifications had to be taken into account … tough when all you can eat are baby-like foods (soft and mushy) that are cool to the touch. Try feeding a hard-working man for a week on a diet like that and see how much weight he can lose. Oh dear!!

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