Home is where the heart {and colour} is!

slaDE, the profile of 'Mr Clean'Our apartment seems to be in a constant transition and flux, thanks to the generosity of freecyclers trying to purge their excess. I love finding those treasures that someone else deems no longer necessary, whilst keeping the landfill free of more ‘garbage’. With Jean returning to Calgary for her belongings (many of which have sustained us since our arrival in this amazing apartment), we have found ourselves in need of several fundamental items that make a home livable. A kitchen table being one of them. We were hoping to substitute with a like rounded object, willing to dress it to fit our bright surroundings. As has been my experience with freecycle, ask and ye may very well receive.

never too orangeWithin a day, in our hands befell a round yellow table. Bright yes, but a washout with equally luminous yellow kitchen walls. Nothing a fluorescent can of orange spray paint couldn’t fix! (Don’t you think the shadow profile of slaDE resembles ‘Mr Clean’?!). I’ve always loved the colours of a sunset, and our home reflects all the colours brilliantly. I’ll post more photos once the metamorphosis is complete, with Jean fully moved.

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