Cutting It Close

slaDE and I went in to Tampa to pick up our friend Boz from the airport, after which we had dinner with our Alumapalooza friends. What an interesting experience that was, driving through the airport parking garage. On entrance, the clearance bar claimed that the garage was only available to vehicles that were 6’8″ or lower. slaDE and I have never measured the height of our truck, but apparently we fit just under the specified measurement – barely (as slaDE surmises whilst driving slowly and hanging 3/4’s of his body out the window). It was kind of freaky driving around … it looked as if we would scrape the roof at every moment, and I prayed that we wouldn’t hit a bump of any sort that would have us cringing at the sounds of roof paint kissing concrete.

A good lesson in height management, especially when towing a trailer behind us that might navigate poorly under certain covered bridges across America. No need to worry about parking garage height though. We’d be nuts trying to tow and park a trailer through any closed parking area. 🙂 Walmart parking lots are a good spot for us, and a whole lot less nerve-wracking!

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