Aircraft a.go-go

One of the novelty aspects to skydiving is the ability to jump out of different types of aircraft. As long as the flying apparatus can get to altitude safely, skydivers are pretty happy campers.

Of all the vehicles to altitude that I have been blessed with the opportunity to leap from, my favourite to date I think has been the Lockheed Super Constellation. Doors on both sides at the rear of the plane, exiting at the speed of a small jet. My first skydive (a static line round parachute jump made on October 6, 1991) was made out of a Skyliner — like a Skyvan, but with the exit being a side door rather than a rear ramp.

Here at Zephyrhills during the Christmas boogie, they have 3 Otters (a left hand wide door to exit from), 2 Skyvans (a rear-facing ramp that one can run and dive like superman from) and a local visiting helicopter that takes jumpers to an exit point of 5,000 feet for $58 . Wow, what a selection! Spoiled skydivers we are :).

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