Day 2, Alumapalooza 4

Another gorgeous day at Alumapalooza! So wonderful in that I slept soundly and solidly through the night, waking just minutes before we were to be teaching our yoga class in the tent beside us. YIKES! Nothing like rolling out of bed and stumbling to work :). Luckily enough, I’m a morning person and I can hit the ground running as soon as I wake up. Usually, LOL. The 23 attendees were gleeful at my tension-taming, easy-does-it morning class of stretching and breathing. And I threw in a bit of Pranayama and Meditation before stretching it out with yang-like asana postures. Lucky for me, slaDE was a wonderful assistant and allowed me the pleasure of teaching the class, for the most part anyway. We’ll try to switch roles later in the week.

Today’s highlights beyond the yoga tent ….

  • A vigorous countryside bike ride – very WINDY with the added bonus of a front-seat visual of the lovely Ohio countryside, topped with a big side of kick-butt exercise
  • A revisit to the Airstream factory tour. Nothing like being called to the Mothership :).
  • The ‘Aluminum Gong Show’ was a fundraiser where anybody could offer up their talents, and during their act, people who wanted the act off the stage could speed up the process with donations of large sums of money, after the gong was . Oddly, enough, if one liked the act, people were encouraged to give money as well! slaDE and I offered up a yogaFLIGHT routine to wow the crowd, Cirque Du Soleil style :). No gong was initiated for us. BONUS!
    • Over $800 was raised for the Red Cross to help with tornado relief in the midwest (in light of the recent Oklahoma disaster). Talk about generous Airstreamers! What an amazing community. Brett and Rich pledged to match dollar for dollar of the donations, leaving the grand total at $1,636!
  • Sitting around Colin Hyde’s trailer with fellow Airstreamers, shooting the breeze and podcasting via Colin’s cell phone (Colin Hyde is the Panel Pro) with VAP host Tim Shephard. The VAP usually discusses the weeks vintage topics , but tonight, everyone hanging out at Colin’s trailer spoke mostly about their Alumapalooza week thus far and how each individual found themselves at this venture in their Airstream life. You can find ‘Episode 186: Live from Alumapalooza 4!‘ VAP here.

Adventures in cycling

Well here we are, a month after our wedding and that means 4 long weeks of my daily grind commute. To be honest (shhhh), it hasn’t been that bad. Probably has VERYTHING to do with my walk through the park every morning by the meandering gurgling Bow River. the sound of a vast trickle tickling my ears is music far better than any iPod could ever relay. I know, I know, I hear you asking about my huge plans to cycle to work everyday. I’ve been asking myself that question each time I spend money on the LRT. However, with each passing thought, my knees start throbbing and the pain literally kicks me back to the reality of my weary aching aging body. Sigh.

Happy cycling!So to say that I’ve been a little antsy to start riding to work is an understatement. And so, on this cold Autumn morning (just below zero. Brrr!), I brushed off the cobwebs from the mountain bike, burrowed for my winter gloves and hat and bundled up, hastily making for any exit out the door (albeit later than I had hoped to depart). This morning, I had not a care in the world. I grabbed the world by my handlebar horns and ‘tinged, tinged’ my way through traffic (that would be the sound of my bell). Go figure that it was the coldest morning yet … Brrr! Have to learn to dress better for these cold mornings.

My glorious bike ride was about 45 minutes from door to door. The only hill so far that I have faced is the 5th Avenue road going up to the school, not far off the beaten path. Not too bad really in the lowest gear; however, I am in dire need of a tune-up of some sort on my brakes. When I’m whizzing at fast-ish speeds (not to be confused with fascist), my brain starts thinking weird thoughts of how my wheels could come flying off or worse, me going flying. Ahhh! I do love flying, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer a bit of space between me and the ground. Probably why I never took up mountain or road biking to any extent after training on the Laguna Seca race tracks in Monterey California. Me and the pavement already have too intimate of an acquaintance, and I care not to reawaken the beast. Been there, done that.

It was an amazing start to my day. Riding home was a bit more weary driven, and my knees were actually paining me. Sadly, this means giving my body some time … to heal, to mend. Maybe try it again in 2 weeks? I’ll let you know if I do, and how it goes. Happy cycling!