Big Way Camp at Skydive San Marcos

It’s been a pretty ‘dry’ winter for skydiving for me. Perhaps about 40 jumps in total over 5 months between Florida, Belize and Texas. You’d think that with ALL the gorgeous weather and cheap skydives (cheaper than Canada for sure!), I’d have stockpiled many a jump. However, sadly that has not been my reality. More often than not, wind has played a huge role in me not skydiving to my full and desired potential. Ah well, probably plenty more jumps than many of my Canadian friends. So I am NOT complaining. Just providing a snapshot of my winter recreational pursuits. I must admit, it truly has been a SPECTACULAR winter. Belize proved to be the most epic vacation and travel experience of my life. No amount of skydives could ever top that! However, I was feeling a bit fidgety, suffering withdrawal from participating in big way skydives. Hence, I leaped at the opportunity to join in the weekend Big Way Camp at Skydive San Marcos (just outside of San Antonio). As has been a consistent Texan past-time of Mother Nature, the winds were howling and threatening to landlock those wishing to get their knees in the breeze. Despite the conditions, Harry Hopkins and RD Latimer went ahead and taught the big way skills needed for those wishing to join large group formation skydives. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of experience levels signed up for the camp. It was great to learn many new things as well as watch others grow and blossom with their heightened awareness. Despite the winds, our group made 2 big way jumps. The winds were indeed squirrel-ly and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. Yet I made 2 skydives with the group before deciding to give it a rest. Wisely, the others decided the same. Better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air rather than wishing you were on the ground than in the air. Been there, done that. No fun, indeed! As I’ve come to know: don’t ever let the opportunity to practice in a safe, structured environment pass you by! If feeling unsafe, I can always skydive another day …

What really sparked me about coming to Skydive San Marcos was the opportunity to visit with some dear girlfriends who used to jump at Skydive Houston but had moved locations due to many logical reasons. Had I not come to see them both here, I am certain I would have missed the Ladies altogether. Ah, gotta love my Texan girlfriends. Sweet!