June 2010
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Airstream dreamsJackson Center Ohio. The home of iconic and revered pop-culture Airstream travel trailers and motor homes, since 1952. Today kicked off our second visit to this small village noted for simple and clean country living. And the population was about to grow by 300 people for the Alumapalooza rally and festival of Jackson Center Community days. Puffy white clouds greeted our arrival as we pulled up to the registration tent behind the Airstream factory. Having missed the morning deluge of mud-riddled parkings, we found ourselves a level ground to camp for the next 5 days. HOME!! Surrounded by shiny aluminum trailers of all size and age.

This is my happiness. vintage

Birthdays, Anniversaries and such

Shayne SladeuSA big day for me, for my husband, for uS. My birthday and our wedding anniversary. 2 years ago my lovely husband jumped in to our wedding. And today, to mark the memory of that day, we were hoping to share our passion for skydiving with slaDE~s family, slaDE offering his family members a tandem and with me shooting video.

However, the weather socked us in with heavy rain and a low cloud ceiling. The deluge started last night and was supposed to clear mid-morning, but the weather man was wrong in his prediction, and the drizzle of humid moisture bathed the drop zone for the days duration.

Jumping wasn’t in the cards on this our special day. But it certainly didn’t ruin the fun my honey and I had. We’re each others best friend and family, and that’s good enough for uS :).