yogaFLIGHT in the US of A

What an incredible workshop we had today at The Woodlands Lululemon store. We met some incredible people, both yogis and non-yogis alike. Building a community through our strengths and passions, with the man of my dreams, is the most incredible experience a girl could ask for. I feel so humbled by all the learning and joy found through the skills and instruction we have to offer. It’s all about the play, and ones ability to take that initial step into the unknown, with a willingness to communicate, trust and be open to taking flight, that keeps us enthralled and passionate about what we do. Spreading the joy, one breath at a time. Incredibly powerful.

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  1. sKY,
    You have an incredible ability to put in words what I find so difficult to speak. You did what I thought couldn’t be done.

    You spread not only the joy but LOVE. Thanks for sharing with me.


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