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Winding Up, Winding Down

Saturday. The weekend! Most people are winding down, relaxing and settling into a comfortable groove. Me, today I’m revving up for the big finish. Tomorrow morning was our designated departure time for hitching up the Airstream, meeting up with Richie, our nephew, for brunch before making our way to Ohio for Alumapalooza 2011. For me, this meant finishing up with all the sorting, correlating and repackaging of said stuff. Phew, looking at the barn, I’m now suddenly feeling the pressure, a very noticeable and urgent sense of anxiety building up within me. Stopping to breath, listen and laugh, I started my morning with my head focussed and my hands a flying.

It was chaotically busy, but in an organized sort of crazy way. My hubby was fantastic in cheerfully helping where he could, such as making a last minute giant run to the Salvation Army to drop off 4 large rubbermaid boxes of belongings. We had already delivered 2 jumbo boxes of clothing and books to a friend’s place for storage whilst stateside (no use carrying such frivolous non-necessary items across the border). It was both tough and cathartic letting go of hundreds of great books, well-loved pieces of clothing and an abundance of excess paraphernalia. The entire cubby process has been very cleansing for me. I still want to purge even more (clothes especially, although I love each and every item that I held on to), but what I decide to keep and save depends on the state of our future. So much is up in the air right now. Very exciting indeed! Bearing this in mind, I’ll keep what feels right.

slaDE had hoped to be finished with putting all the boxes in the cubby hole by midnight, if not well before that time. But unfortunately, despite my best and dedicated of efforts, we were in the barn packing up until about 4am. Made for a very long night, scattered with the sharing of memories, bouts of laughter and giggles, and sips of champagne that I had kept for a special occasion (and this was most certainly a night worthy of celebration!). In the end, the cubby was loaded and organized by 5:30am and I decided to muddle through with no sleep whilst slaDE grabbed a few hours of rest before we started the process of packing up the trailer for our upcoming trip to Ohio. Alumapalooza 2011, here we come!

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