Westward Bound

It’s so strange and kind of surreal to find ourselves picking up again, moving on. For the first time in a very long time, settling down at Skydive Houston actually felt like coming home. So many positive experiences in such a short stay has left me wanting to nest and set up a home base in our beautiful Airstream for the rest of our winter stay. But our yoga conference in San Fransisco has us on a timeline, and I’m hoping that we can play with a bit of flexibility to enjoy the company of our Canadian friends at Skydive Arizona whilst allowing us to visit a few Lululemon stores along the way.
Getting away early en route to our next destination has been a challenge for us from the onset of our journey. Or rather, perhaps I should speak for myself. I’m truly enjoying 8-10 hours of sleep per night, but with going to bed in the wee morning hours, this means a late morning start for me. Perhaps I need to start using an alarm clock on our travel days? Unappealing as this option may be to me, I think that I need to shift my bedtime schedule.

View from our morning window

It was well past noon before we left the drop zone traveling to San Antonio. Part of the routine for shifting bases is making sure that everything is in order with the trailer …. we’ve yet to come up with a firm checklist, but a few of the ‘must dos’: airworthy tires, empty holding tanks, refuelled propane tanks, Hensley Hitch intact and everything in its place, inside and out. Finding a ‘Flying J’ close-by with many of the services needed to accomplish this task is always a bonus. And that we did find. You see, within Texas, close is anything under 75 miles. 🙂
Our new friends Kara and RD were anticipating our arrival, as were their curious horses who pranced and rubbed  up alongside the Airstream as we drove down their bumpy mile long driveway. Once we set up shop on their spacious property, we were custom fitted with our own private Texan corral (protecting us from the many wandering and overtly curious ‘pets’). Kara, RD & family graced us with a fabulous ‘Redneck’ Christmas experience that we’re not soon to forget. The rich and delicious food that this family creates and consumes in beyond describable. YummmmmmmY!

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