Walking the line

Skydive Elsinore
Skydive Elsinore
After a lot of time confined to small spaces, I find the need to explore and walk. With a passion for walking, I love to stretch my limbs, feeling their length and the power of my physical body. With the skydivers on hold due to the approaching storm, I had the opportunity to explore the drop zone in its entirety. What a huge landing area! A half mile runway surrounded by an unintentionally manicured field akin to a golf course’s fairway. Bouncy, lush green and flat with the smell of clean emanating from every corner. I could almost taste the impending rain. What a treat! For every day that it doesn’t rain here during our visit, I’ll be roaming the fields of Skydive Elsinore when I’m not surfing the air in my dance with the sKY.

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