Up In The Air

The Shark

Last night we saw a really fabulous movie. “Up in the Air” is a movie about the realities of life ….. love, loss, relationship, deception, passion, humour, sadness twinged with both the ugliness and beauty of life. All this wrapped up into a messy yet tidy 1 hour 49 minute movie. I love a film that questions our very existence on this earth, and the things that matter most / least to us. Where do we find our comfort zone? Can we step outside the boundaries of our beliefs, and have a new world open up to possibility? At least, this is what I came away with from another superb George Clooney movie. Yet another mirror that reflects to me the positivism behind why we’ve chosen to follow our dreams. Knowing that the existence of everything as we know it is so temporary and unpredictable, why not shoot for the skies and enjoy the chance to live each minute fully and without regret or worry?

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