Tibetan influences

Tibetan singing bowlSlaDE~ spent the day at work in Canmore. With it being the weekend, I wanted a bit of mobility. So I dropped him off at 6am in the morning (It’s a time of rest and relaxation, for pete’s sake! Time for sleeping in … NOT. My poor baby is working so hard for us!) and made the most of my light-traffic time on the road. I scooted to the northeastern corner of Calgary to pick up some freecycling treasures. The day passed in a blur. I was so happy to have some ME time! Not used to this working gig :).

I fetched my honey in the early evening, just in time to meet Migmar’s family and friends. Migmar is a Tibetan monk who moved here to Calgary 1.5 years ago. A very talented, hard-working and kind man. I’ve been collecting items for both his family and his newly landed Tibetan friends, helping them settle into a new city, new home. And what hospitality! Delicious Mo-mo’s (Tibetan dumplings) and traditional chai tea warmed our bellies. With immense gratitude, Migmar gifted us with 2 baked clay creations crafted in his spare time (with two full time jobs and a newborn, that’s gotta be tough to find). Our purpose for the visit was two-fold … dropping off my freecycle procurements and collecting a hand-made Tibetan singing bowl. The price was perfect and the song, profound and mystical.

How to Use:
Place bowl in the palm of your hand. Hold the wooden striker in your other hand, pointing down toward the bowl. Strike the side of the bowl at the rim. In a clockwise motion, touch the side of the bowl at the rim as the bowl is still sounding, and “pick up” the tone, carrying it around the top rim of the bowl. Adjust pressure and speed as you rub the dowel around the bowl rim. Through practice you will learn about the varying nuances, and become proficient in making it sing. Listen for overtones and lighten if the sound dampens. Practice and enjoy!

What a blessing to find such interesting and wonderful friends in this new-found home of ours.

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