The story of STUFF

The Story of StuffThis is an amazing short flash movie about how we (our planet) are slowly being consumed by world materialism and all the stuff that we generate. But it’s more than just that. It’s the story about the hefty price tag that accompanies the lives we lead (whether it be during the Christmas holidays where our expression of gift-gifting is synonymous with the purchase of more ‘stuff’ or be it shopping till we drop for the acquisition of the ‘latest and greatest’) and the way it is taxing our resources & economies, our environment, our lives, our health. states it best as:

This film explains how “stuff” ends up in your home, detailing the processes of extraction (trashing the planet), production (adding in toxic chemicals), distribution, consumption and ultimately disposal. The impact all of this has on communities at home and abroad are hidden from your view, yet it is immense.

Please take 15 minutes of your day to watch the video in its entirety at: The Story of Stuff. Here is a ‘teaser’ to give you an idea of about the video and the issues that just shouldn’t be ignored.

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