The Important Things in Life

The cubby hole has been put on standby for at least another few days … pressing things to do and important people to see! Dental care was one of the consequential items on our agenda. Alas, after a mediocre cleaning (bah, I’ve been spoiled by my wonderful Calgary Hygienist friends), I was caught in a place where I needed fillings for several cavities, and today was my day to have those 2 small sources of decay looked after. Both were on polar opposite sides of the mouth which meant the gift of two separate needles, luckily evading a sucky canker sore that was rather irritated by all the poking, prodding, suctioning and yanking done today. Gah, oh how I dislike mouth freezing. Today was exceptionally uncomfortable and repulsively awful. My features looked like they had suffered through a really bad day of Botox ‘therapy’. A partially frozen face that grimaced when I attempted to smile scared the living daylights out of even myself when I glanced in a mirror. Trying to speak with drool slowly dribbling down my chin, a twitching eye, and an inexplicable flaring nostril made for an uncomfortable experience. Even worse, when the freezing started to come out, the twinge of pins and needles made for the keeping of a silent mantra: floss daily and brush at least twice a day. Sorry, no photos of this experience necessary or taken :).

Instead of turning right home, we decided to make our way to Kitchener for the weekend. What was another 4 days of procrastination? Sigh, I’m totally wanting to get started on the organization of it all. Now, the countdown of 2 weeks is on and ticking away quickly. But yet, there were far more important things to do today in Kitchener-Waterloo (Mennonite country), and this included dropping in on our friend John who worked diligently and with ease making perfume bottles at the Thorn Glass studio in St. Jacob’s. This followed by discovering the treasure of filling a $10 grab bag with day old scrumptious bakery treats (slaDE crammed as much as we could fit in to the overflowing sack) at the Stone Crock Bakery. Our next destination? A rare visit with our dear traveling friend, Bill from Calgary. Bill left his winter haven in Mexico about the same time that we left Texas a few weeks ago, so we had notes of comparative weather to smile at, plus much catching up was meant to be had with a 3 year absence. An amazing dinner was had at Masala Bay Indian Food Restaurant in Waterloo. Divinely splendid and most highly recommended! Our final reunion of the evening was with our friends for whom we housesat for in Hawkesville 4 years ago. What an awe-inspiring experience that was … catching up was equally fun.



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