May 2019
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Day 3 of Alumapalooza:

Morning yoga. Opening up the body, enlivening the spirit, gifting the world with light, love and energy. What better way to start our days at Alumapalooza? After our Yoga and Healthy Living workshop, participants of this glorious Airstream rally were excited about the prospect of morning yoga classes. I don’t know […]

Flying with the Airstreams and air storms

Day 2 of Alumapalooza: Before today, I have never witnessed a tornado siren in person. I’ve heard about storm warnings being sounded, but this alarm caught me off guard — so much so, I had to question what in fact the noise was. Tornadoes might be a standard in the Midwest, but in Teeswater (Ontario, […]

Airstream yogaFLIGHT (aka Coming Home)

Today was just another day in the world of sKY and slaDE in our life on the road. We planned to do some shopping at the Airstream store and then try to get away at a decent hour so that we could bypass traffic in Toledo and Detroit. But before our departure, slaDE wanted to […]

DC3 Photoshoot


Blessed, blessed, blessed we are to have such great skilled friends, bountiful opportunities and beauty all around uS! Our friend Spot, a professional musician, videographer, photographer, wingsuit expert and skydiving Instructor, offered to take photographs of slaDE~ and I enjoying yogaFLIGHT and partner yoga poses on the wing of the drop zone’s next door […]


slaDE~, Jacki, Coco & Marc flying high!


It feels as if we’ve been planning today’s Lululemon yogaFLIGHT community workshop in Beverly Hills for ever. But in reality, it’s only been 3 weeks in the making.

So in an effort to be early for our 9am start, we arose super early in case […]