December 2020
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Savasana Bliss

Happiness indeed is a quiet mind. The quieter I can become in my daily life, the more I can hear from within. Yoga is an infinite path & transformative tool that leads me to finding that happiness and my edge.

Yoga = connection, being open, attuning to my inner awareness, and easing into a state […]

I Married Up!

This would be our final morning yoga class of Alumapalooza 2013. With 23 people in attendance (many of whom are returnees from their first-time yoga experience here in our yoga tent this week and from previous years), we felt very privileged to build and share in the community that has grown at this field location […]

Mount Madonna Center

Our Winter Home! Truly a last minute decision … and we’re elated to be accepted to attend this glorious mountain retreat: Mount Madonna Center.

Program Dates

January 3rd – April 1st, 2012

All the information below comes directly from the Mount Madonna website @

If you are interested in an amazing opportunity for […]

The Flying Yogi

I have always been a lover of all things flight, far before the days where I took up skydiving { 20 + years ago }. Even as a child I dreamed of travelling the skies in an airplane, taking up the helm as perhaps the pilot-in-command. Or as a flight attendant … their lives always […]

A Daily Resolution

Settling in to our new home for the summer, today was the beginning of something truly beautiful. An opportunity to practice yoga in a studio space within feet of our doorstep seems almost like a dream. So to make the most of our time here in Oshawa, I’ve made an agreement with myself … upon […]

Yoga Beyond the Mat

Since leaving Canada, our momentum has kept us pretty busy as we’ve winded our way south away from the snow. Yet the Arctic Blast has followed us and the need to continually empty our water lines each evening, avoiding burst pipes, has been a constant reality. slaDE~s been really diligent about making sure that this […]

Have you made time to play today?

Yoga is such a powerful tool, offering so many benefits beyond the physical and mental. For example, stress and anxiety relief. I love to center myself through focussed yogic breathing, slowing down my heartbeat, especially in situations where anxiousness does not serve me (such as when climbing to altitude in a jump plane, about to […]


Day 3 of Alumapalooza:

Morning yoga. Opening up the body, enlivening the spirit, gifting the world with light, love and energy. What better way to start our days at Alumapalooza? After our Yoga and Healthy Living workshop, participants of this glorious Airstream rally were excited about the prospect of morning yoga classes. I don’t know […]

Flying with the Airstreams and air storms

Day 2 of Alumapalooza: Before today, I have never witnessed a tornado siren in person. I’ve heard about storm warnings being sounded, but this alarm caught me off guard — so much so, I had to question what in fact the noise was. Tornadoes might be a standard in the Midwest, but in Teeswater (Ontario, […]

Nerves of Aluminum Steel

Day 1 of Alumapalooza:

Today was the day! At 9am, with much anticipation (mixed with a healthy dose of nervousness), slaDE and I took front row and centre stage at the Alumapalooza main tent to offer some basic yoga stretches, along with ‘Healthy Living on the Road’ tips. I wasn’t certain as to what […]