July 2020
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Lotus Flower Inspiration

Paul Sutherland / National Geographic Image Collection

All of us, children and adults, are beautiful flowers. Our eyelids are exactly like rose petals, especially when our eyes are closed. Our ears are like morning glories listening to the sound of birds. Our lips form a beautiful flower every time we smile. And our two hands are a lotus flower with […]

The Bikram Torture Chamber

For months, slaDE and I have been toying with the idea of going to an official hot studio Bikram class. We were lucky enough to experience a Bikram-style class without the heat, in Calgary at our local gym. But we had both yet to discover yoga in a sauna-like atmosphere, where one can barely breath […]

so done!

2 months later with about 40 hours of blood sweat and effort, I have finally finished everything that I need for my official yoga certification to be a registered yoga instructor. How wicked is that! Now all I have to wait for is my papers to be marked and the official certificate to come my […]

Busy as a Bee!

I’ve been so GOOD at keeping my Project366 photos updated lately, but I’m finding that there just isn’t enough time for everything. SIGH 🙂 This weeks theme is a great one and I want to spend some time going through my photos to find those that best reveal this months / week’s theme. So you’ll […]

Coming into alignment, coming into breath

Having put my back out on Friday, I surely didn’t feel like particpating in Ally’s tremendously challenging and amazing classes. However, I did feel that attending her class would be an awesome opportunity to actually assist, in both adjustments of alignment and in facilitating proper technique demonstrations. In truth, a student will be my biggest […]



Dallas at play, for all that it’s worth. Go Blue Man Go!

Yoga Teacher Training

Just settling back into the swing of things and the normalacy of life today. Slade and I completed an incredible and intense 60 hour, 6 day yoga teacher training course yesterday, through Trinity Yoga.. Our Level 1 — the first of 3. The yoga course was so fantastically interesting, very revealing about who I am, […]