The Maly Wedding

Maly WeddingI love Friday evening weddings. They remind me of when slaDE and I got married, Friday August 22, 2008. With Lisa and Mike having their ceremony at the very beginning of the weekend,  the entire two days are opened up to possibility and adventure.

We were very blessed to have glorious weather for the whole day surrounding the Maly wedding. The icing on the cake? slaDE~ and I are extremely happy that we managed to make it in our travels to celebrate the union of two of our dearest friends.

Maly 1st dance

The wedding was spectacular, the bride breathtakingly beautiful and the company of friends and family, outstanding. It’s hard to believe we haven’t seen some of closest friends for 4+ years, back in the day when we spent every weekend driving down from Kitchener Ontario Canada to jump out of planes at Frontier Skydivers, just east of Buffalo New York. Amazing how time flies! So good to catch up and have our skydiving family back together, even if just for an evening.slaDE, Tad, sKY & Sandy

There’s No Place Like Oz

OzTwo days and two nights at Freefall Oz / Oz Homestay Bed & Breakfast was absolutely delightful.

Seeing our old friends Ash and Celeine was an incredible treat, especially with the skilled cooking talents of Australian Ash and the shiny bright smiles & hugs from Celeine.


Ash may not be classified as a chef, but I can certainly contend that he’s one of the best cooks around, with skillful cre8tive flair and wonderful food presentation. And to be treated to the luxuries of the ‘Cherry Room’ was divine (1 of the 4 unique B&B bedrooms), especially after living the life we’ve had over the past 7 nomadic months in our Airstream. I must admit, despite the rainy weather, which precluded any skydiving scenic aerial views of the area, I was not disappointed in our visit; the hospitality and countless rounds of hot tubbing fun (both morning and night) made up for my desire to jump out of a plane.

Maly weddingCome mid-day, it was time to think about making our way towards Buffalo, home of my girlfriend Lisa and lovely family. Lisa and Mike, who have been dating for the past 17 years, are finally getting hitched tomorrow, and I very much wanted to be there in advance for her wedding prep. I had the luxury of driving our trailer for a couple of hours through the scenic backcountry. slaDE has done much of the driving on this trip, but it’s good for me to get behind the wheel and respectfully maneuver our way across New York state. It gives me confidence in towing and handling such a long trailer (35.5 feet to be exact with the Hensley hitch).

Lisa's wedding bouquet
Upon arriving in Cheektowaga, slaDE slid the Airstream neatly and in one shot into the narrow grass alley beside M&L’s house. What a man :).

The flower-making procession was in full swing and well under control. Before we knew it, the day had slipped by and I fell into a deep sleep quickly and sweetly.

Here’s more photos from Oz Homestay Bed & Breakfast / Skydive Oz that I hope you enjoy. A gorgeous farm just outside of Ceres New York well worth checking out!

Drop ZoneAsh & Celeine
barnstormingDog under AirstreamRVThereYetOz Homestay B&B DZ
ieAirstream fog

Wedding photos a-go gO!

Adobe LightroomOh what a glorious weekend! The weather was spectacular and I spent all of my day Saturday sitting at the computer, editing our wedding photos (adding special effects at times) and creating a home to host my burgeoning dreams of a huge photo gallery.

I used Adobe Lightroom to launch me into the Professional area of cataloguing, editing and designing. It’s been a really fun experiment at learning a new program. And what better method of tooling around than using our beloved wedding photographs to experiment on. Strolling through 1800 photos has been an incredible joy, a journey down memory lane (only a month ago, so still fresh and vivid and tangible — to relive that day is like experiencing a piece of heaven, over and over). Editing them has been a rather full-on task that has sucked up every spare moment that I may have to offer in my day, beyond the working hours. Logging consistently long evenings up and beyond midnight has left me rather ‘dog-tired’ when the 5am phone alarm sounds on slaDE~s cell. We have become masters of the snooze, allotting ourselves an hour or so of time just to slowly wake. However, when as tired as I have become, every sound-sleeping moment is revered and sought for. It’s at times like these that I would gently and lovingly want to throw the cell phone out the bedroom door and subtly into the toilet. But I am only half of the equation with this viewpoint, and it’s important not to have a rushed husband in the morning :), struggling to get out the door in time.

procrastinatorSo instead, I have mastered a method of procrastination which keeps me in bed until the very last moment (alone time in our small bed is precious — oh Airstream king-sized bed, I can not wait for your return!), usually gasping for air as I rush through my morning tasks (brush teeth, wash face, apply sunscreen, throw a lunch together, get dressed and run!) before either heading to yoga, physio or work. I’m pushing the time boundaries here and skating in, usually just in the nick of time. Some things never change.

So back to my Saturday, I finally pieced through all of Mike’s photo and cre8ted a flash photo gallery @ (a flash player is needed in your browser to see the pix), on our new website This site will be a continually evolving, open-aired window that gives a glimpse into our traveling world on board our Airstream, chronicling from the time we purchased our ‘dream bus’ and beyond. I’m hoping to maintain my livejournal blog in a different manner (different anecdotes, pictures, quotes, videos, etc), but I guess we’ll see how much time I have on my hands in keeping both up-to-date. One will pertain to my life as I know it and the rvthereyet blog will be about our journey together. We’ll see … I’m sure they’ll be some overlap and I’m still not certain of the parameters, per se.

photo cre8tivityI’m really happy with both the gallery (cre8ted in Lightroom, my trial version) and the layout of the site itself. I ‘cheated’ (being a cre8tive web designer) in that I used a template in the design. I’m thinking that I need to buy some blog software (manually cre8ting dates and entries is a real pain!) or learn how to use wordpress. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now, but it seems that other projects get in the way. There is ALWAYS something new to learn (in my field of design work, and of course, beyond) and perpetual digital projects to do (programs to learn / photos to edit / cre8tive photoshop works of art to birth). I must admit, I’m feeling quite guilty of late for not keeping my portfolio up to date. To be honest, it hasn’t been updated since I left school 7 years ago. I’ve used my resume as my platform for a digital portfolio of my web clients, but I need to refocus my time into both my aromatherapy and web business. Once our wedding ‘stuff’ is out of the way (thank you cards, photo books, videos watched and edited, etc), I can shift gears and step up to the digital work plate.

As I’ve quoted to many friends: “enjoying the journey is half the fun …. as it’s not just about the destination. RVThereYet is about exploring the world, one breath at a time. So I should approach all my digital tasks … a journey to be enjoyed and savoured.

The Eco-Wedding: saving the Earth, one vow at a time

In my research, I have discovered that the average cost of a North American wedding is $27000. WOW! No wonder so many couples are eloping either locally or with an exotic destination in mind. Why pay such an exorbitant amount of money over 1 day when one can have a luxurious honeymoon on top of the wedding for a 1/4 of that price (or less, depending on how frugal or extravagant one might be)? I can only imagine the amount of waste generated by that kind of venue.

We’ve decided that the ‘theme’ behind our wedding will be to generate as little waste as possible, all the while supporting local and organic vendors.

Aspiring to be a role model for other eco-friendly events, we hope to lead by example, revealing to our family and friends that ‘green’ living doesn’t have to be a difficult or painful choice (kudos to the many attending who already live by eco-friendly principles). We all benefit when making healthy, fulfilling and sustainable choices: organic, environmentally friendly and supporting the local community. In my own opinion, our August 22 wedding is not only a celebration of our love and union, but also an honouring of our beliefs and values. And to be able to share in these is truly remarkable and joyful.

The website Organic Grace puts it best:

Our quest to create a healthier environment for our family and friendsreminds us again of our interconnectedness to our planet. When we remove the harmful chemicals from our own lives, we stop supporting the dumping of these poisons into our eco-system. Buying organic, or living a less toxic life, is not only a loving act towards ourselves, but towards the planet as well.