Rebranding of a Canadian Icon

yogaFLIGHT on Lululemon’s previous website design

Lululemon launched a whole new design with the rebranding of their website. White vs black. More sleek and vavaVoom, with meaningful bells and whistles that enhance the user experience.

We received an email from the marketing firm who worked on our story for the feature, telling us about the new photo of us online — the photo on the left. WOW! This company continues to surprise us with new poses from our photo shoot, here and there where I least expect, such as on their twitter and facebook pages. What lovely surprises to stumble upon!


Live @ Lululemon

What an exhilarating moment … I can’t even express the excitement that I have in the core of my belly right now. It’s kind of like a million butterflies have just taken flight and I am being towed behind them. The sensation: as if I am floating along like a giant weather balloon tethered to a glider plane.

It’s kind of surreal seeing our photos front page and center on the Lululemon website. We knew it was coming, but still. Seeing our faces and bodies for all to see on an international company’s home page is not exactly something we see everyday …. along with millions of other Lululemon enthusiasts. What’s really exciting is the prospects of where yogaFLIGHT may fly to. ‘Cleared for takeoff’ indeed!

Newly Designed yogaFLIGHT

Our website goes live today! Wow, the anticipation of such a huge change in format is exhilarating. Perhaps the adrenaline keeps me awake as I forge my way towards finishing the self-imposed deadline. It only seemed fitting and necessary that we launch our website before the Lululemon campaign arrives this Thursday. I’m just as excited about the process as the end destination. And truly, is it really the ‘finale’? I dare say not … an exciting new future awaits us, as potential new avenues and markets open up to our brand of partner yoga.

And as I test and retest in between creating new photo galleries, sleep is beckoning me to the futon, but I have a target in sight, and I must continue to carry forward as best as I can. Of all people, I certainly know that once a website is rolled out for the whole world to investigate, the work is never truly done. Always room for improvement, upgrades, new info and finessing. Onwards I forge!!

Overwhelmed by Paper

In quiet contemplation, here I sit, gazing vacantly at my computer, staring at a gigantic flurry of receipts. What once were monolithic stacks of paper that needed attending to, now are petulant pieces of history littering our precious kitchen table space. I need to sort, catalogue and categorize this mess before entering the data into our accounting program (Quicken). Sigh …. and once this huge task of 10 months of backlog is achieved, I’ll be able to finally get together some semblance of a tax portfolio for our accountant. As you can probably surmise thus far, I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by the involved and time-consuming task ahead of me. Right now, I can’t even give an estimate as to how long this undertaking will take until completion! You see, I kept procrastinating over the winter, thinking that I had plenty of time to compile all the information. But as I have learned about life on the road in our Airstream (especially when we’re moving every other day), life can be so incredibly and blissfully busy! Funny how time has slowly ticked away, bringing us in to May. WOW. The last 6 months literally flew by! Trying to maintain everything with yogaFLIGHT, delving in to social networking (new and familiar), developing other client websites including our own, constantly uploading photos to Facebook, and all the while documenting our journey at as we skydived across the lower southwest corner of the US, kept me consistently busy. I was doing SO well in updating our blog each and every day since the New Year. Now I’m lagging here and there, and once behind, it’s almost impossible to try and catchuP. But in the chaos of it all, I can find self-forgiveness, taking each moment as it comes, one yogic breath at a time, sinking in to the present moment when I have the wherewithal to stop and smile. Ahhhhh, now THAT’S certainly better!

WordPress revisited

I am constantly amazed by the breadth and depth of WordPress‘ supreme capabilities. Or moreover, the developers who design such startling gorgeous and functional templates.  And having had the pleasure of learning the nuances of the Atahualpa template we use for this blog, I am ready to take on designing for other clients who might be interested in developing their website in this fashion. But holy smokes, the choices for options and templates is beyond astounding! And with awesomeness of WordPress comes the backend coding. The learning curve thus far has been pretty steep and I haven’t taken that leap in to pursuing it with reckless abandon. But now an opportunity exists for a client who wants a website developed. So I’ve taken the plunge and have offered my design skills through this new-age forum. And it is through the researching of such a task that I’ve come to exploring the endless possibilities of the job I’m about to take on. Oh dear, what have I gotten myself in to??! Wish me luck! 🙂