April 2020
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A North Carolina Thanksgiving

Oh blessed be … spending a day of Thanksgiving providing service to those in need. It’s in giving that we most receive. Okay, that sounds like a verse from my Catholic bible days, but in truth, there is much validity in the statement about volunteering.

slaDE and I spent the day with our Frontier […]

Connecting with the Homeless

It was my 3rd Friday off this past weekend and I relished knowing that this was ME time. A time to relax, feel inspired and expressive. A time to catch up on items longstanding through the week and a time to potentially catch up on sleep. But what made this weekend so exciting and special […]

Voices from the Street 2008

Last night was an eye-opening experience. One that I will never forget (I pray that I will always remember). ‘Voices from the Street’ … the volunteer opportunity of my lifetime.

What started out as a noble gesture to reach out and provide an opportunity to serve, turned into a life-changing experience, recounted through the […]

Volunteering and the Calgary Folk Festival

In my experience, I find that volunteering has always been an incredibly rewarding gift of one’s time. Unfailingly, an adventure with unexpected rewards far greater than ever imagined. Such was the case of my weekend on ‘plate recycling’ duty at the Calgary Folk Festival. Although I tweaked my back in lifting and counting the mountain […]