May 2019
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Nerves of Aluminum Steel

Day 1 of Alumapalooza:

Today was the day! At 9am, with much anticipation (mixed with a healthy dose of nervousness), slaDE and I took front row and centre stage at the Alumapalooza main tent to offer some basic yoga stretches, along with ‘Healthy Living on the Road’ tips. I wasn’t certain as to what […]

Herbal Summer Recipe: Medicinal

Mountain Rose Herbs is one of my favourite sources for online bulk herbal, culinary and aromatherapy supplies. At the moment, they’re having a DIY herbal recipe contest that can fall in to 3 categories: medicinal, culinary, or body care. In return for a winning entry to one of the three classifications, a $200 gift certificate […]

Herbal Summer Recipe: Culinary

Recipe #2 of the Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest

Culinary ~ sKY::s Super Green Superfood Smoothie

Smoothies are a cre8tive force that I tinker with almost every day, and rarely do I duplicate the same ‘recipe’, as I tend to blend whatever I have available. The quantities in the smoothie can vary depending on how […]

Aromatherapy Summer Recipe: Body Care

Recipe #3 of the Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest

Body Care ~ Blossoming Orange Hair Cleansing Rinse

I’ve got pretty fine hair, and I find that some shampoos can leave my hair feeling weighted or flyaway, dependant on many factors. So I came up with a wonderful smelling hair rinse that helps to stimulate […]

Rainy days, movie nights

The downpour continues, and with it, whistling gusting strong winds rocking our Airstream back and forth. Kinda scary considering that our trailer weighs around 10,000 pounds! With the choice of either puddle jumping or internet surfing, I chose the latter and spent a productive morning and afternoon doing what I love most: internet research and […]

Vita-Mix Trials and Ensuing Recipes

Yay! I finally received my Christmas present from slaDE yesterday. Since I first saw them advertised at exhibition shows here in Calgary (i.e. The Home Show / The RV show), I salivated at the thought of owning a Vita-Mix. A blender of sorts, but oh so much more! It’s a juicer / food processor / […]