I’m a winner!

Well, I must admit, that it’s not very often that I get to the chance to enter a contest and actually win what I was striving for. I don’t usually win contests or actually rarely do I enter them. I leave that task up to my friend Sandy, who has this uncanny ability to enter HUGE contests, and win them, each and every time!

So imagine my surprise, after opening my gmail account this morning, to read this email from CBC Radio:

You’re entry to our Scariest Thrill contest is a winner! The Homestretch is pleased to present you with a pair of ticket vouchers for SKYDIVE, Theatre Calgary’s next big play. Thanks for entering our contest and enjoy the show,
~ The Homestretch Crew 

WOW! I’m actually a winner, Sandy will be so proud :~).

The Calgary Theatre Play 'Skydive'I’ve always loved to write (if you hadn’t noticed by now with my blogging style) and consider myself half decent when it comes to putting word to paper and expressing my thoughts and visions. When my friend Susan called me last week telling me about this play called ‘Skydive’ and the CBC Homestretch contest for winning tickets, I was totally enthused and energized at the prospect to entering. The stipulation for entry was to write about one’s scariest thrilling experience ever. And boy, did I have a couple of doozies to share and write about. The play itself is 1.5 hours long and it is entirely acted hoisted up midair, and encapsulates a whole 30 seconds of a skydive. The real beauty behind this act of faith is that in real-life, one of the ‘skydiving’ actors is a quadriplegic.

Here’s the writeup about the play, as expressed on the Theatre Calgary website:

Leap into an exhilarating celebration of imagination in the pursuit of the universal dream to fly. During an ill-fated skydiving adventure, two Vancouver brothers untangle the threads of their relationship before realizing the true impact of their leap of faith. Soaring above the stage with breathtaking aerial choreography, this production abounds with gravity-defying delight. 

I’m really looking forward to sharing in this experience with my beloved husband. A play about pursuing ones dreams and skydiving. This rings so close to home. What an evening of fun this shall be!

Gutsy or just plane crazy??!!

Without a harness, I haven’t a clue how the tandem master managed to hook on to this guy. Death wish or just plane stupid?!
If you look closely to the very beginning of the video, it looks like a ‘Red Bull’ stunt / commercial. IMO, no amount of cash or fame or notoriety is worth that, if things were to go wrong. And with only seconds to ‘get it right’, I personally think it’s foolish and irresponsible. Guess that’s why I won’t be earning the big bucks as a stunt woman.

Hippo Adventures In Africa

“The Hippo kills more humans in Africa more than any wild mammal.”

Quite the testament that I am still alive and thriving on this planet, having personally encountered a Hippopotamus in the wild while performing aqua aerobics in Lake Malawi, about 15 years ago. If someone had told me that I would be playfully dancing with ‘Hyacinth Hippo’ {lovingly dedicated to Walt Disney’s Fantasia} in 4 feet of water — a heart-attack in the making truly for those more informed — I would have laughed hysterically in disbelief, especially with knowing how murderous Hippos are!

Cleaning Your Home Naturally!

Dr Mercola has a really good article here.

The cleaner your home is, the unhealthier it may be, because of toxic cleaning products made from petroleum-based chemicals.

To clean with natural products all you need is:
* Baking soda
* Vinegar
* Borax
* Hydrogen peroxide
* Liquid castile soap
* Organic essential oils (optional)
* Mixing bowls
* Spray bottles
* Micro fiber cloths
* Vodka (optional)