May 2019
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Southward Bound to Florida

I’m finding it challenging to find expediency in packing up after settling in at a place for longer than 3 days. It’s at this stage where we’ve settled in and found homes for our ‘stuff’. But in order to travel efficiently and without movement of the Airstream’s innards, everything needs to have a place and […]

Massage times 2.

When the body is aching and the soul needs a lift in spirit, what do we crave and search for? A massage is the perfect remedy in my mind … and somehow we managed to stumble across David Henderson ( here on the Outer Banks. David is a therapist gifted with the touch of grace […]

Jockey’s Ridge, North Carolina

Clambering the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge was a thrill and a half, as we both looked to capture an essence of the joys of flight experienced by the Wright Brothers from these east coast sand dunes (which are considered the tallest natural dunes on the East coast, fluctuating between 80 and 100 feet above sea-level). […]

Falling snow

In truth, I love the visuals of snow. Such perfection encapsulated in a tiny molecular structure, frozen in a moment of time. When it falls in bulk, the winter wonderland vision is what fairy tales are made of. Pure and white and COLD. This is where my gripe comes with these little atmospheric ice buggers […]

Lifted by the Wings of Grace

Feeling frustrated today. Willing and wanting my blog to be up-to-date. Lapsing further and deeper behind. So much to say, lots of lovely photographs to portray the events and good times. Not feeling the motivation to ink my thoughts so vividly, longing for my fingers to meander across the keyboard. Slowly, slowly. With patience and […]

RV There Yet: January - May 2010

Here’s the path of our journey in North America thus far in 2010. It’s been quite an incredible adventure! Here’s to many more …

Zorbing in Tennessee

Zorbing: Why should hamsters have all the fun? Zorbing, first developed in New Zealand, involves hanging out in a giant plastic ball and rolling down a hill. It’s not as painful as it sounds, though: there’s a smaller ball within the large one, something that makes it a shock absorber. You have two options here: […]

Moving along

Today began our epic journey from the depths of Texas, northbound, headed home to Canada for a summer season of family, skydiving and more adventures! Not sure what the future has in mind, but two events surely on the calendar …. our dear friends’ Lisa & Mike’s wedding, and our first Airstream rally at Alumapalooza. […]

RV Living: Life beyond air travel

Okay I might be over-generalizing here in a rather grandiose manner, but looking at the big picture, it seems that our Society and the planet that we live on is in a constant flux, leaving us: either chasing our tails in search of the magic solution to all that ails us (think money / bureaucracy […]

San Diego FuN

The weather was rather windy and cloudy today. A good day to explore the area and play tourist. And what better place than touring San Diego, hanging out with an old friend who I haven’t seen in over 10 years? I was actually looking forward to introducing my husband~ to Duffy … they’ve known of […]