December 2020
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Springing forward

Are we there yet?

Here we are with crazy weather for the first official day of spring. Stormy drifting snow with icy road conditions made for a tense and treacherous drive to the airport. Never before have I been so grateful and excited to leave behind a Canadian winter. So here we are: my dream has finally arrived, after […]

A Texan Farewell

The desire for adventure and travel has seemingly always been within me, and Airstream living is a perfect match for me, for us. I feel most alive when travelling, discovering new places, different foods and more often than not , new friendships and communities. The nature of travel is forward motion … changing locations, and […]

Winter hits Houston Texas

Houston was immobilized with an ice storm last night. Freezing rain hammered the city, but not an ounce of snow was to be seen. Seems the weather moved further north overnight and the snow sent Dallas scrambling for cover (hope they manage to clear it all up for Sunday’s Superbowl game!). However, the cold snap […]

New Orleans Adventures

Arising early in the morning to catch photographic trails of the rising sun is, in my books, well worth the efforts. With last nights sunset, I couldn’t help but think that today’s sunrise would be just as magical on digital ‘film’. Disappointed, I was not! Beyond the manicured short stretch of beach near the casino […]

Old Reliable

The morning waters reflected like mirrors in the stillness of the warm Florida sunshine. Birds of every colour and calling grazed for jumping fish and insects, whilst my husband attempted to photograph the essence of stillness. It made for an incredible canvas, and at times like these I wish we had 2 SLRs. But with […]

Up the Creek without a Dinghy

The time was right. One day sooner or later might mean that the possibility of moving Patrick’s sailboat from Fort Myers to Sarasota would be nullified. There is no waiting for the weather. I’ve learned that lesson all too well with both flying and skydiving. Spontaneity and flexibility is key when time critical objectives revolve […]

Cheezy and Raw

A rainy day … great for adventures in shopping and dining with our friend Minna! Our friends, the Calandras, headed home today, so we thought we’d honour Tommy with a sendoff photo at Wal-Mart. The ‘Cheese’, as it’s lovingly displayed by my silly husband :). The true adventure began however at my favourite salad bar […]

Cutting It Close

slaDE and I went in to Tampa to pick up our friend Boz from the airport, after which we had dinner with our Alumapalooza friends. What an interesting experience that was, driving through the airport parking garage. On entrance, the clearance bar claimed that the garage was only available to vehicles that were 6’8″ or […]

Peace and Kindness in Savannah, Georgia

What a glorious day to photograph an extravagantly gallant and charming city! So much beauty, so much history and a huge number of squares to explore. And tour we did. I find that the ultimate self-guided opportunities exist when one has bicycles. No parking fees to worry about, areas larger than walkable can be covered […]

A long long day of driving.

At 7am, a 2 hour and 20 minutes on the ferry crossing from Ocracoke to Cedar Island was ideal time to sleep and / or catch up on reading or writing. The Ocracoke Lighthouse made for a picturesque backdrop as we made our way through the choppy and rough passage. High winds whipped our tiny […]