August 2020
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Airstream Storage

After a wonderful day visit with my Mom, we made our way back home to Southwestern Ontario. Time to pull Airabella, our 34 foot Airstream beauty, out of the storage she was safely nestled in over the winter. Boy, did I miss her! Considering she weathered the storm in a storage barn for 6 months, […]

Fuel tips

Having overnighted in Houston, it was only a short travel day to Skydive Houston at their new drop zone in Eagle Lake. We made a pitstop at the Super Wal-Marts in Katy for fuel and staples. We discovered just only recently that some of the Super Wal-Marts offer diesel at remarkably cheaper rates than any […]

Exploring Manteo

Roanoke Island is not really an Outer Bank, but rather an island that connects the mainland of North Carolina to the Outer Banks. It is considered one of the most historically significant places in America as “the first actual colony was on Roanoke Island, settled by a group of people sent off to the Americas […]

Airstream Spring Cleaning, Day 2

Windows, windows everywhere! 25 window surfaces to be exact. And that’s only counting the one side. Multiple that by 2 in addition to the accompanying screens to most of the count, and you have a whole lot of scrubbing going on.

The day started out beautifully, and with a slight window of opportunity (punny! :)) […]

Tips for committing to change for a better planet: 10 by 10

Here’s a mammoth posting for Earth Week, cutting out the clutter and getting straight to the point of focus on environmental issues.

These tips come from a website called: 10 By 10 ~ the website offer ways for you, as an individual, a chance to voice your commitments to change and thus to creating a […]