Cheezy and Raw

A rainy day … great for adventures in shopping and dining with our friend Minna! Our friends, the Calandras, headed home today, so we thought we’d honour Tommy with a sendoff photo at Wal-Mart. The ‘Cheese’, as it’s lovingly displayed by my silly husband :). The true adventure began however at my favourite salad bar restaurant ‘Ruby Tuesdays’. Since discovering the diversity and plenitude of their salad bar extravaganza, I am all too happy to return here for a meal that fulfills my needs of salad bar perfection (or close to it). Unfortunately, the meal wasn’t as savoury for my husband … the only similarity between mine and his? Both were ‘raw’. Sadly, slaDE~ ordered a well-done chicken burger. What he received was a crude chunk of pinkness, that before looking, slaDE~ had chomped in to with hungry voraciousness. The look on his face paled in pink comparison, and the waiter was summoned rapidly. Addresses were swapped and photos taken. A phone call from headquarters was promised to ‘check-in’ on hubby’s well-being. And a free dinner was offered in exchange for slaDE~s unsavoury experience. Of course, steak and lobster were on the menu along with soup, desert and frothy drinks. Unfortunately, they never covered my nor Minna’s tab. What do you think. Should we have pushed for them to wallow in their mistake and cover our expenses as well?

I was extremely happy to see that slaDE~ didn’t get ill that evening or the next day. A phone call was NOT received however. Such is the customer care of Ruby Tuesdays. What a shame!

Weekend of Skydiving at Burnaby

Will YouAn exciting weekend of skydiving and happenings at the drop zone. There was:

  • a wedding proposal and she said “YES”  ~~ first time tandem student, Marko, made a sign for his beloved’s tandem jump, so that, either under canopy or on the ground, she would see the question ‘Will you Marry Me?”. She was overjoyed. What a brilliant moment!
  • 1 lost dog ~~ Local jumpers J+J quickly adopted this stray, the 2nd of their rescue canines. Somewhat brave considering J is about to have their first child!
  • the drawing of blood for Boz by one of his Tandem students ~~ Boz had a student who freaked out for the entire skydive, kicking and maintaining a death grip on his hands, drawing blood from Boz. At pull time, she would not let go, so he had no choice but to bite her, twice, in the hopes she would release him for pull time. I suppose it was either that or a head butt. We’ll have to get him a sticker for the bottom of his shoes (when he wears them) that says ‘Bite Me’ :).
  • a golf cart mishap in which slaDE was thrown off the back by the Otter pilot who was driving it ~~ As slaDE was being transported back to the hangar from his tandem jump (rig and canopy in hand), Trevor somehow swerved enough to send a surprised slaDE careening off the back, on to his back, a quick PLF saving him from injury. Trevor deserves a sticker that says: “I can drive a mean Otter, but stick me in a golf cart, and your ass is toast”
  • a tandem student that passed out on slaDE~ under canopy ~~ Luckily she came to just before landing, but he still had to do a ‘tandem PLF’ with this 6 foot beauty.
  • a baby bird taking it’s first flight ~~ Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. First attempt, the fledgling basically fell out of the tree, but a kind skydiver fetched him with a stick and gently placed him back on his tree branch to try yet again. Mama bird was squawking like crazy!
  • a first yoga class for skydivers here at the dz, taught by slaDE and myself ~~ Good fuN and possibly a growing trend here!

Greg and sKYPersonally, I met up with some old skydiving friends whom I haven’t seen in years. Was great seeing and visiting with them all! Many were part of the Guy Wright Invitational 20 Way jumps. Yes, belly flyers … that’d be my homies :). Alas, it was a social weekend for me, despite my desire to get much needed admin and tax paperwork done. Wow, am I ever good at this procrastination thing!


It’s Saturday evening and I’m just about to sign off the computer. Oh the luxury of having non-stop power, running water, free-flowing internet and all the conveniences of home. Bearing this in mind, I can’t help but think, as we move through this transition phase from a stable grounded comfortable convenient home in Calgary to life on the road in our Airstream, what the repercussions will be on my / our spirits, as we gain our wings and let everything go. Unattached and free. Open to the universe and the path that opens its arms to our journey of healing and adventure. A totally new concept for the past 3 years. Time to shift modes and grow into a new sense of self, a recreation of uS and our marriage. We’ve done it before, shape-shifted into a new skin. For example, the coming of age into the form of yoga instructors, me as a budding aromatherapist and re-birthed skydiver. 8 years together, and we’ve learned to adapt and mould into what we foresee as a life partner. We mirror those that we love and respect. I’ve become a much more dynamic, open and loving partner because of my husband. I have become what I would like to have in my own life. To this extent, I’m so excited bout the journey that lay ahead for uS. Truly blessed and grateful. Gratitude. Extremely powerful and life-changing. Thank you slaDE~ for shining your example upon me and exemplifying the truth behind my innermost star.eye of the sunflower

Life as we know it

aromatherapy potentialI know, it’s been almost a month without a posting from moi! I’m feeling rather sad at the fact that I haven’t posted anything about our spectacular trip to Florida with our nieces and their family. It was so INCREDIBLE. Maybe someday soon I’ll catch up 😉 However, the hectic lifestyle of a full-time working entrepreneur, trying to build not one but two new businesses has kept me incredibly busy! My yoga teaching and my aromatherapy venture. It has been quite the adventure. I truly love what I do, but I think that I’ve overfilled my plate a tad, and I’m suffering from a bit of ‘indigestion’ so to speak. More like consistently tired, sleep-deprived, fluctuating energy, waning enthusiasm and shifting moods. My husband is in awe at what I’ve accomplished, and this helps to motivate and spur me through the tough all-nighters. He’s 110% supportive and lends me his nose whenever I need a unbiased opinion. Tough at times though as he is not as scent-focused as I am. And males are known to have lesser sensory ‘skills’ as women. An interesting tidbit I thought.

aromatherapy and meSo tonight, I am putting work aside and spending some quality time with my honey, snuggling in bed and watching a movie! Oh the good ‘ole times. When the weekday evenings were ours to do whatever we chose, no commitments (other than the occasional Talisman yoga class). Time to rest, relax and revitalize the energy. Just in time for our week-long Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training retreat! Yeah, it’s our final course. And then once we finish our course, essays, book reviews and exam, we’re fully qualified through Yoga Alliance. Ready for life on the road with our passions guiding us from one venture to the next.

Family is where it is at

It was a fabulous weekend for family … Bill celebrated his 84th birthday and my Father came to town on Sunday night. Dad was just passing through for a quick visit, but in this instance, quality is always better than quanitity.
Dad, my husband slaDE~ and I

We all savoured a fabulous succulent meal at ‘Moti Mahal’. Fine Indian food dining at its best, in my own humble opinion.
Dad and Bill and I
I was delighted for Dad to finally meet Bill (they mutually felt the same). Trying to tie these two men down for dinner is a difficult feat as it is, but at the same time in the same city, magic!
Dad and Bill

The next morning we were able to share in a hearty breakfast and some stretching and yoga postures, before Dad hit the road in his big shiny fancy transport truck.
Dad and his truck

As the stomach turns

Winding through the Osoyoos Rockies, returning from a lovely long weekend in Vancouver, my stomach is rumbling, twisting and turning as quickly as the road is catapulting us in every possible direction. Who would have thought that a skydiver / pilot like myself would get road sick as our bike-frenzied driver makes like he is on his Honda ST1300 rather than his Ford F150 Lariat. As soon as we were able, a sudden pit stop was made (in an attempt to avert the big hurl) with me running in search of some Gravol (I had forgotten to bring along aromatherapy oils — ginger — which always seem to work for me). It being a last minute decision to come along on this trip, many things, that would have been useful for our travels, were left behind. Such as the power-cord to the Powerbook laptop, my essential oils and my pleasure book for reading. Oh well, at least I had my husband along for entertainment ….. and that is all that matters, truly.

It all began last Thursday evening when we attended Gazoo and Janice’s wedding reception. They’re new skydiving friends who have an edge for adventure. Approaching us after the reception, they asked us if we wanted to tag along to another friend’s wedding in Vancouver, leaving tomorrow after work. Game for a skydiving roadtrip, we jumped at the chance. Eleven hours night driving from door to door made for a long trip. but at least it was a very comfortable ride in their king cab, leather seats.

We have family friends of old who live in Surrey and were openly receptive to us crashing on their couch whilst exploring a weekend of possibilities. We ended up spending the day with Ron & Peggy, who gave us a quick tour of Vancouver, ending the day with the best Ethiopian meal EVER. Whirlwind indeed, fantastically fun, absolutely.

On the Sunday morning, Gazoo picked us up, after listening to a water presentation on the Kangen water system. Looking out at the blue skies, we made a speedy exit for the door and made our way to the drop zone in Abbotsford. The Pilatus Porter is their biggest draw with a beautiful valley of mountains surrounding the outskirts of the city. It was a lovely day of jumping for slaDE~ and friends. They were lucky to get in as many Porter jumps as they did: Abbotsford is a busy tandem factory indeed.

We spent the night at Leah’s place, after eating a scrumptious Thai meal at the Mango Tree restaurant, before crashing, in the company of her roaming fluffy cat.

The drive back to Calgary was long along the southern winding passage of British Columbia. A fabulous but painfully stiff journey with a 1am arrival back in the big smoke. Guess a 6am wake-up will determine whether I’m up for an early morning bike ride to work. Nighty night.

a shower and a tear

Busy busy busy day! My work is moving from our current residence to Southport, a good long hike away from where we are currently. And also an hours more commute than what I have. No more leaving out the door last minute, or quick jaunts home enjoying a lazy lunch, for that matter. Sigh ….
But on the plus side, I get to bike an hour each way. Which means built in exercise. Yay! Love being able to move the body. Check back in a few weeks and ask me then how I’m enjoying the transition.

bridal showerAfter a nice savoury lunch at home (a whole hour spent on the phone scrambling to restructure my wallet contents — ID most importantly — after losing it on Friday afternoon), I returned to work somewhat down and incredibly tired. Been burning the midnight oil on both sides, and the loss in sleep is finally catching up. Trying to fit too much in within a limited time span, it seems. I normally enjoy 8 hours a night. However, I’m finding that 5 hours just doesn’t cut it! After dragging my butt back, I was asked to join Vickie in the main meeting room to discuss something important. To my total surprise, the whole dang floor was awaiting my presence. I’ll be danged! A bridal shower! I truly never thought about it and was totally caught off guard. How lovely my friends and coworkers are. And indeed, I was literally the blushing bride. Beautiful flowers, tasty summer fruit and a succulent cake was enjoyed by all. But wait! They even gave me their collection of money …. knowing that we’re not in need of any STUFF, we were blesses with a nice gifting of cash, which will go towards buying the organic king sheet set that I want. Yippee!

The generosity of people astound each and every days, often in many different ways. I am so blessed. And I am so excited, thrilled, happy. Running on adrenalin basically.

10 more sleeps to the big day 🙂

Airstream a-go-go

The reality of an impending marriage — that being my own — was finally sinking in. WoW! And the excitement growing within me was beyond anything I have ever experienced!

Stage two of rapid-fire adrenalin overload. Nonchalantly, on Tuesday evening, slaDE~ presented me with another possible option for an Airstream trailer. Over the past 2 years, he has been diligently hunting for and researching our future home and dream … a silver bullet-like trailer, preferably an Airstream. Not only have we consolidated our bank accounts but most importantly, we have encompassed our dreams into an actual visualization. Now that’s what I call a melody! From day one, our dream of a life on the road has resoundingly been in tune.

1994 60th Anniversary 34 foot AirstreamAnd here it was, a beautiful trailer, with EVERYTHING that we could have dreamed of, plus more. The only ‘hurdle’ …. it was put up for bid on eBay. Neither of us have ever made a purchase greater than $300. The thought of entering into this bidding war on a trailer, sight unseen, was a huge risk, but we were willing to take the chance on our dream. And lept we did, like lemmings. For the first time in 2 years, I did not hesitate at slaDE~s suggestion; I urged him to make an eBay bid on the Ontario-residing trailer … and from that we learned a WHOLE bunch about how an automatic bidder works!

If you bid above the reserve price (which is an invisible-to-the-buyer price tag), it will immediately go straight for the kill and bottom out just above the hidden reserve bid. When we entered our bid, it leapt from $12000 to $20000, instantaneously. Shazaam! Our hearts vaulted straight to our throats, with both of us uttering a GASP! Before we could say ‘eBay’, as it stood, the Airstream was momentarily ours! However, with eBay, the sale isn’t complete until the fat lady sings. For three vivid days, we watched our bid lead the pack. Our anticipation and excitement was rising. Would we earn the rights to this home?? With fingers, toes, eyes and legs crossed, the end of the week came and we huddled around our MACs and watched the race begin, 20 minutes before the sale was fait-de-complet. Turns out several buyers also had their eye on this pristine jewel (described as a Miami Yacht inside — totally gutted and refinished). Watching the time click slowly by was like watching a competitive horse race in slow motion. The action was tremendous as it unfolded. Lots of whooping and hollering went on as the final stretch came into sight whilst another bidder was trying to outbid our set reserve price.

A gamble it was, for both of us, but in the end we won. By a nice comfortable margin, I must say. The final second elapsed and slaDE~ looked over at me, a look of surprised disbelief on his face (shame I didn’t have my camera turned out — that was indeed a precious expression), as the reality sunk in that we were proud owners of a pimped out anniversary edition Airstream, catapulting us to the next level of our dreams …. the sKY & slaDE~ travelling roadshow. More pictures to come.