December 2020
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Skydive City on Fire!

It was an extremely windy and warm Florida afternoon. A good day for me to be sitting on the ground. There is no need to jump in stupid air currents. Been there, done that. 4 years of a skydiving layoff, because I made a poor decision to jump in high gusty winds, has taught me […]

Valuable Lessons Learned

As skydivers, we assume the basic and inherent risks with jumping out of an airplane. For me, the beauty of the sport is that I feel quite comfortable in my training and skills, knowing that if the need arises, I’ll be able to deal with any emergencies that may come my way. I believe — […]

Weekend fuN!

It was a gorgeous weekend, with unending blue skies and fabulous skydives! I managed to fly in the right seat of the Twin Otter twice at Skydive Burnaby, and both times were reminiscent of the days when I would fly as co-pilot with my dear friend Randy Goken. lucky girl was I! The views of […]

Flying video

Today, on the 5 year anniversary of a major shoulder dislocation (in which I made my last skydiving camera jump), I took the leap of faith and video-ed 2 tandems, in prep for my family making their tandem skydives tomorrow. This was such a huge deal! The very first tandem, I had butterflies the size […]


Yesterday, our friend Thomas ‘Toma’ Medbury from Frontier Skydivers, a man we’ve known for about 8 years, passed away from his critical injuries from the plane crash last Sunday. It was truly a miracle that up until then, all 6 passengers on board survived the crash, 5 walking away. When a fellow skydiver dies in […]

Tears of Sadness

At 2:20pm today, my dear friends at Frontier Skydivers were in a horrific plane crash carrying a total of 6 people. On takeoff, at 300 feet (end of the runway, surrounded by tall trees), the door on the Cessna 185 popped open and a skydiver onboard lunged to close it. Unfortunately, the plane was uncontrollable […]

Back to summer camp

I haven’t been to summer camp in many many years. But memories of those times are priceless.

As was this weekend’s camp. However, you see, this wasn’t your average weekend getaway.Rather, both slaDE and I enrolled in Doug Forth’s 16 way Camp. Yes, that’s correct. A camp for skydivers wanting to learn the subtleties […]

Flight ... it's an Attitude

For me this past week, returning to Frontier was an emotional state of coming home. Arriving with a different mindset than from my last abrupt departure of flight. A walk down memory lane, a throw back to both the familiar and the pain, the gifts given to me and to my family of friends, both […]

Weekend of Skydiving at Burnaby

An exciting weekend of skydiving and happenings at the drop zone. There was:

a wedding proposal and she said “YES” ~~ first time tandem student, Marko, made a sign for his beloved’s tandem jump, so that, either under canopy or on the ground, she would see the question ‘Will you Marry Me?”. She was overjoyed. […]

Skydiving wind lessons

Gorgeous sunset, wanting to celebrate life with just my hubby, remembering my brother on the 22nd anniversary of his death. A simple feel good skydive, just the two of us: that’s what I wanted. I was kinda thrown by the spot … we were in freefall over Lake Erie, and for me, quite the eery […]