October 2020
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Decompressing: After Alumapalooza

The final day of Alumapalooza: time for everyone to pack up camp and move on down the road. Some people would decompress in the Airstream Terraport (usual that would be us), but we are on a mission to return to Canada asap for the skydiving working season. It’s time to supplement the funds and take […]

20 Years, a Skydiver in the Making

‎20 years ago today, October 6, 1991, I took a leap of faith that changed my life forever. I became a skyDiva ~ skydiver. The bravest step I ever took in overcoming my fear of heights was pretty huge, and to this day, at times my ‘Acrophobia‘ is still somewhat a hurdle with each and […]

Surrounded By Love, Remembering That I Am Not Alone

I found myself fully awake as slaDE made preparations to go to the dropzone to jump this weekend. I’m used to (sort of) my husband’s early morning departures during the week where he quietly readies himself for work at 5am. And if I’m ever-so-lucky, I can remember his sweet gentle kisses in the sleepy haze […]

Sitflying in Skydive Dallas

What a gorgeous calm sunny day at Skydive Dallas! Only a hint of wind flip-flopped the windsock on the massive green fields of emptiness. Before darting northbound to Illinois, slaDE and I managed to make 2 skydives before continuing onwards with our trek. Fabulous and frivolous sit jumps that had me giddy with excitement at […]

Married to the Wind: Making smart choices

An early morning return to Skydive Houston meant that we were ready to jump lots after a miserably cold housebound week, excited at some big way practice (as promised in SDH’s last newsletter). Unfortunately, the coldish temperatures scared the big way organizer off and we were left to our own devices for planning some fun […]

Skydiving memories

Interesting how years can pass since seeing an old friend, and when meeting up by chance, it seems as if time has stood still somewhat.

I had this experience today. I ran in to an old time skydiving friend from my packing days at Lake Wales. We’re going back 15 years +. We’ve had no […]

The Most Worthy of Awards

Another memorable day. Surrounded by new and old friends, I managed to pull off the 1000 jump pie.ing with a surprise whipped cream wallop to my husband (after a deliriously comical fun day of skydiving with our Frontier friends). Somehow, I was caught in the line of fire when slaDE felt it […]

Celebrating 1000

What a glorious day to celebrate a New Year …. jumping with slaDE on his 1000th skydive, along with 13 other friends. I was there with him from the beginning of his AFF progression, right through to today. How fantastic! Traditionally, when a skydiver has a big anniversary jump, they 1) buy beer and 2) […]

1 on 1-1-11

One jump IS more than plenty. I learned this lesson from Brian Germain a long time ago. And if for some reason I had the inability to ever skydive again, the jumps that I have made previously were enough to last me a lifetime of memories and joy. Sometimes we have the choice to quit […]

Aircraft a.go-go

One of the novelty aspects to skydiving is the ability to jump out of different types of aircraft. As long as the flying apparatus can get to altitude safely, skydivers are pretty happy campers.

Of all the vehicles to altitude that I have been blessed with the opportunity to leap from, my favourite to date […]