December 2020
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Surrounded By Love, Remembering That I Am Not Alone

I found myself fully awake as slaDE made preparations to go to the dropzone to jump this weekend. I’m used to (sort of) my husband’s early morning departures during the week where he quietly readies himself for work at 5am. And if I’m ever-so-lucky, I can remember his sweet gentle kisses in the sleepy haze […]

Sitflying in Skydive Dallas

What a gorgeous calm sunny day at Skydive Dallas! Only a hint of wind flip-flopped the windsock on the massive green fields of emptiness. Before darting northbound to Illinois, slaDE and I managed to make 2 skydives before continuing onwards with our trek. Fabulous and frivolous sit jumps that had me giddy with excitement at […]

Celebrating 1000

What a glorious day to celebrate a New Year …. jumping with slaDE on his 1000th skydive, along with 13 other friends. I was there with him from the beginning of his AFF progression, right through to today. How fantastic! Traditionally, when a skydiver has a big anniversary jump, they 1) buy beer and 2) […]

A New Year = New Adventures

2011 = Part 2 of our 2nd full year of Airstreaming a.go-go, where every day is a new beginning in our silver tube. No matter where we are on this planet, I seem to be able to find a reason to smile and marvel at each new day that blesses us with its presence. We […]

The Gift of Flight

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. Quotation of Leonardo Da Vinci

Flight is a huge part of my life and has been for over 19 years (for those who know me, you’d never […]

Zooming in on the Outer Banks

After having spent a cozy comfy WARM evening sleeping on the leather FBO couches of Franklin Airport, slaDE~ and I were anxious to make our way west towards the Outer Banks (commonly referred to as the OBX). Wanting to wish our amazing hosts a fond farewell, we made our way over to the drop zone […]

Flying video

Today, on the 5 year anniversary of a major shoulder dislocation (in which I made my last skydiving camera jump), I took the leap of faith and video-ed 2 tandems, in prep for my family making their tandem skydives tomorrow. This was such a huge deal! The very first tandem, I had butterflies the size […]

Skydiving wind lessons

Gorgeous sunset, wanting to celebrate life with just my hubby, remembering my brother on the 22nd anniversary of his death. A simple feel good skydive, just the two of us: that’s what I wanted. I was kinda thrown by the spot … we were in freefall over Lake Erie, and for me, quite the eery […]

Birthdays, Anniversaries and such

A big day for me, for my husband, for uS. My birthday and our wedding anniversary. 2 years ago my lovely husband jumped in to our wedding. And today, to mark the memory of that day, we were hoping to share our passion for skydiving with slaDE~s family, slaDE offering his family members a tandem […]

Beyond freaky cool ... another uS!

How often do you find a couple named Sky and Slade in this world?? Seems like we’re not the only ones with a unique and memorable name.

The Gumtree Cape Town newspaper ad

These gorgeous Siberian Huskies are in need of a family. They reside in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. […]