December 2020
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20 Years, a Skydiver in the Making

‎20 years ago today, October 6, 1991, I took a leap of faith that changed my life forever. I became a skyDiva ~ skydiver. The bravest step I ever took in overcoming my fear of heights was pretty huge, and to this day, at times my ‘Acrophobia‘ is still somewhat a hurdle with each and […]

Girl Guide Memories

To get an idea of how long I’ve kept certain items, I came across my little packet of Girl Guide memorabilia … really sweet memories actually. But apparently, I fell kind of behind in my duties as I had all these Pathfinder badges that weren’t sewn on to my Girl Guide sash. 🙂 Procrastination haunted […]

22 years

With each passing day dear brother I miss you more and more.

June 19, 1988.

Has it really been 22 years since I lost you to the wings of the hereafter, the wings of flight?

You would have made an amazing skydiver … and each jump I make, you’re right there in spirit, freeflying […]

Michael Jackson, in his own words, thoughts on Immortality

On September 25, 2007, legendary artist Michael Jackson had his last major public interview with, then editor of Ebony magazine, Bryan Monroe. What made this interview fantastic for me was MJ’s pure openness about his music. To me, that was what Michael was all about. A pure genius at what he did best. In truth, […]

Memories of the great King

Michael Jackson …. a huge influence on my beloved music style, growing up. Oh how I thrilled to dance along with his awesome music videos. I had all of his early vinyl records (wonder where they are now?) and often plastered my bedroom walls with his handsome rockstar King smile (always with a twinkle in […]

Voices from the Street 2008

Last night was an eye-opening experience. One that I will never forget (I pray that I will always remember). ‘Voices from the Street’ … the volunteer opportunity of my lifetime.

What started out as a noble gesture to reach out and provide an opportunity to serve, turned into a life-changing experience, recounted through the […]

Earth Day

Be kind to your Mother Earth today …. show her some love!

Small baby steps, breath by breath, we can make small changes, impacting the greater good from which we are born, and which we shall all return. Think of her as your very own Mother. Treat her with respect, love and grace. Acknowledge the […]

In remembrance ….

What a beautiful engaging soul my brother was … 19 years ago today we lost Kenny in a motorcycle accident.

He is dearly missed … thought of daily and remembered with the utmost love and respect. He will forever be the incredibly talented, free and pure wild-child, my beloved older brother.

Someday I […]

An anniversary, not so welcome

It’s amazing what can happen in a year … the good, the bad, the ugly. I witnessed it all. And survived, quite unharmed, gratefully. But today I had some sad news that has tied me in knots and was a huge factor in my returning from Guatemala a year ago, to the day. How strange […]

In these times … ode to Kurt