New Year’s Blessing

That the single, most significant dimension of life is your relationship with the Source of Goodness who never ceases to sing love songs to your soul
That you find meaning, purpose, and vitality in what you do daily
That you treasure your loved ones and let them know how dear they are to you
That you make choices and decisions that reflect your truest self
That you look in the mirror at least once a day and smile in happy amazement
That you remember relationships are what count above all else – more than work or money, or all the material things we spend so much time tending
That you live in an uncluttered manner, enjoying the freedom to be content
That you keep your sense of humor when things don’t go the way you want
That you find adventure in each new day and marvel at the wonders of creation which constantly present themselves to you
That you never give up on yourself when others turn away or do not understand
That you are attentive to the health of your body, mind and spirit
That you take risks and accept the growth-full challenges that come to you
That you draw on your inner strength and resiliency when you are in need
That you carry peace within yourself, allowing it to slip into the hearts of others so our planet becomes a place where violence, division, and war are no more

© Joyce Rupp January 2004

Solstice Blessings

Happy Solstice

On this first day of summer, may the blessings of the solstice, the time of the longest day, bring love and gratitude into your daily lives.

Here’s a prayer that I feel is fitting as we enter into the turning of another season ….

This is the time of year when everything is ripening. This aspect is synonymous with adulthood and knowledge, as well as developing body, mind and spirit in balance.

This is a time to celebrate our fullness, magnificence and radiance — All of us.
We are shining stars, each unique.

Happy SolsticeLet each of us, male and female alike, know we are beautiful, powerful, loving and strong.
Let us know that we deserve love, approval and support.

The feminine spirit in each of us wants to rise and reclaim us–reminding us that we are here on Earth to love one another.

Let us seek all that is true and loving and good.
We ask that our loving kindness and generosity bless our communities, our families and our friends.

We ask for wisdom and guidance that we might reach the highest vibration of humanity possible.

Let us be a blessing to those around us, remembering we are all one.
Let us shine our unique Light, while empowering and loving others

May you feel free to be more of who you are–to cherish and draw on the wonderful traits you already have.

May you celebrate everyday life with sacred playfulness and love, enjoying this gorgeous lush planet that sustains us.

While the life you create and the way you create it may be different than mine, ALL paths are special and legitimate.

May we all live authentic lives.
May we all find a source of spiritual sustenance in ourselves, in community with others, and the Divine, however defined.

Be blessed with the knowledge that all paths to the truth are valid.
May we walk our paths with loving kindness, hope and joy.
May we let go of the past and sing,
Enjoy the present and play,
Look forward to the future and dance.

By Marie Anderson Whitehurst

Magnetic Fridge Poetry

I was updating my Facebook profile with some of my favourite poems … and then I thought about my own inspirations … those cre8ted on various fridges over the years.

Here’s a sampling of my quick artistic expressions, many simple and a few profound (to me, anyway):

up thy beauty celebrate naked & frolic
we could dream glistening blue passion between flickering candle dance
sky flys to entwine loves fantasy
he wanted fun
have cheek
go down and
drink pleasure
lustful delicious strong sex
hungering him
champagne soaked through
i felt tiny
sunrise morning
lift full day
cherish my woman
adore her sacred heart
say which
know when
remember joy
i must love baby girl
bathe near aroma clutch his embrace cuddle away
one kiss shall whisper together forever
perfumed bouquet can drop diamond arrow arm gaze-ing
another squeeze and goddess devours god
never explore chocolate as love
cupid escapes ache here at my heart
tantalize my dear
lay rhythm all evening
do guy
you and me fly lingering on eternal clouds of gentle promise