June 2019
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Texas bound 2011

Checkout time from the RV Resort was at 11am, sharp. So trying to make the most of our time in New Orleans, we hopped on our bikes to catch some final last photographs — the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. The tombstones and crypts in this fascinating and historically significant cemetery created a photographer’s dream […]

Star Fish Company

Every day, staying with Patrick and Ann, is an adventure and outing. Today, the fog had rolled in thick like pea soup. A perfect day to explore the length of Lido Key beach. Hardly a soul in sight as we combed this fine white sandy beach. The wind caressed our faces, the waves and our […]

Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Today on 12/21/10, the longest day of the year, I felt very blessed to experience the first full moon total lunar eclipse in 456 years that has fallen on the Winter Solstice. The last lunar eclipse (which I was also lucky enough to witness) fell on February 21, 2008. Tonight, the Moon appeared to glow […]

Holiday Lights

I love the simple joys of having a home that provides solace and comfort when the weather outside is blustery and cold. Today was a perfect day to read, write and catch up on internet surfing within the warm confines of our Airstream. The Arctic blast continues to cast its reaches beyond the […]

Zooming in on the Outer Banks

After having spent a cozy comfy WARM evening sleeping on the leather FBO couches of Franklin Airport, slaDE~ and I were anxious to make our way west towards the Outer Banks (commonly referred to as the OBX). Wanting to wish our amazing hosts a fond farewell, we made our way over to the drop zone […]

A walk down memory lane

My family came to visit us at Skydive Burnaby on Tuesday morning. I was really looking forward to spending time with my older sister and her son Forrester, as it has been way too long since we’ve shared a vacation together. Dad was bringing his 5th wheel Titanium 34 foot trailer along for the ultimate […]

Digital Memories

The emergence of the digital camera was a life-changing moment in my growth, expansion, opportunity and education of all things photography. The digital era has led to a revolution on all levels in my life. I can remember for as long as I’ve had a camera, I was inspired hugely to create and capture those […]

Return to Burnaby

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We were fortunate to have 3 whole days on the farm midweek. A treat considering slaDE~ is the full-time Tandem Instructor during the week at Skydive Burnaby. Seems that the rainy weather was on our side :). Before leaving, Dad had to give Lady a penicillin […]

Walking and talking with the Animals

San Diego has a world re-known first class Zoo that I’ve always wanted to visit. With lousy weather back at the drop zone, it seemed like an ideal time to play tourist and navigate this city from the ground (read blog entry from yesterday where we explored San Diego from the air). Balboa Park and […]

DC3 Photoshoot


Blessed, blessed, blessed we are to have such great skilled friends, bountiful opportunities and beauty all around uS! Our friend Spot, a professional musician, videographer, photographer, wingsuit expert and skydiving Instructor, offered to take photographs of slaDE~ and I enjoying yogaFLIGHT and partner yoga poses on the wing of the drop zone’s next door […]