April 2020
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Leaving the Bubble

ocean greeting

For the first time in 3 weeks, we left the Mount Madonna retreat to go in to town. What a revelation! Life all of a sudden became hectic, and the beauty of nature discovered in the Redwoods felt extremely distant. However, acclimatizing myself to life off the mountain is good thing. I thoroughly enjoyed our […]


Verona, within a historic region of Eastern Ontario, has a population of about 1,800. It lies at the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, where the friendly mix of farmland, rocky-shored lakes, and mixed woodland make it the ideal place to visit with our Airstream. It kind of feels like cottage country, and with Verona […]


Elora is spectacular. Our current home away from home, where the village is perched on the edge of a dramatic gorge. Elora Gorge is a conservation area where the Grande and Irvine Rivers nestle the rugged terrain and rolling hills, making this area a magical and picturesque dream hideaway. The perfect spot for us to […]

Starry-filled nights

It’s so amazing to step outside our Airstream on a clear dark night like tonight, witness all the gloriously bright stars, hear the whispering winds beckoning me to make a wish and send that love out in to the universe. I love the solitude of quiet nights especially where we are right now, feeling safe […]


Back in the land of the online living.

Away for 7 days, and much longer from the blog.

So much to share! In due time.

But now it’s time to count the clouds I’ve danced upon, singing swooping melodies of body flight dreams.

Ah, hoping sleep comes quick to me tonight ….


Life on another Farm

We had every intention to spend but a few days in Bloomingdale on their Farm with our friends Brian, Jennifer and Roger. Yet having come across a magical place to park our Airstream in the woods with nature surrounding us, flowers fully in bloom, I was finding it difficult to find the momentum to […]

composting with worms

Spring has sprung and I’m starting to think about gardening, birth, renewal. Tomorrow the world will celebrate Mother Earth in a collective vote of consciousness, with “Earth Hour”. Everyday I make an active choice to be conscious of my actions towards the Earth that nurtures and supports me. My husband and I actively compost, just […]



This is a big day … Number 100! Fabulous 🙂

A precious delicate moment, frozen in time, on this wintery morning in Hawkesville, Ontario.



A glorious desert drop zone sunset.

Week 14 Project Theme -- 'Nature': RED

This weeks task: anything in nature that’s red! It could be red leaves, red animals, red sunsets. Anything, as long as the photo has red in it and includes nature.

Ah yes, sigh, I’m behind AGAIN! I’ll endeavor to catch up today and post a bunch. But NO promises though, eh?!