September 2020
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Beaches and stuff

Two days in a row! What to do when it’s windy and non-skydiveable in Florida? Why throw an Aerobie around and then head to the beach, of course!

Clearwater Beach with Patrick and Tom Calandra was the choice for today’s adventure. Unexpectedly, the winds by the ocean were calm and […]

Composting Across America

Another super windy Zephyrhills day with a gorgeous sunset and the kiting of a base canopy to help pass the time beautifully! That and bury our compost in the forest.


Zephyrhills: Not So Recycle Friendly

My friend Minna and I went in to town, looking to replenish our grocery supplies, whilst hoping to find a place to recycle our glass bottles (aka lots of beer from the New Year’s celebrations) and Minna’s plastic ‘Zephyrhills Water’ bottles. After much querying and driving around town, we found one sole lonely recycling centre. […]

Market Days

I love going to a Farmer’s Market, especially in the height of seasonal goodness! Every Friday morning in Port Colborne, when in town, I’ve been diligent about cruising the fresh produce stands of the local community farmers, recycled bags at hand, ready to reel in my healthy purchases.

And everywhere I […]

51 days and counting ... where does our personal responsibility lie?

“Some 25 million to 39 million gallons of oil are estimated to have gone into the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers.” Lest we forget, our oceans have no borders, boundaries or barrier walls. I’m of the belief that powerful ocean currents could potentially make […]

Oil Slick Woes

I’ve held back on speaking of the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf. My heart is incredibly heavy, thinking about the dire damage to Mother Earth and the delicate ecosystem in our oceans, which WILL eventually filter up through our food and water chain. The desecration of our Ocean and the life contained within is […]

Happy EARTH DAY! ReDuce, ReUse, ReCycle

Travelling across the US of A for the past 5 months has certainly had its challenges in the recycling department, especially when compared to the structured and effective salvaging system we were used to when living in Canada. It seemed that as soon as we crossed the border in to Michigan, the concept of recycling […]

DIY Household Enviro-Friendly Cleaners!

Tired of spending a fortune on something that’s simple and easy to make, when it comes to keeping the home clean, safe and eco-friendly? I’m all for the simplicity and purity of these ideas. Mother Earth comes out ahead, as does you and your family’s health (and wallet). Try adding essential oils at your own […]

Earth-friendly tips for using your orange / lemon peels!

I know, it has been AGES since I’ve posted. Life has just been to crazy busy to keep uP. So here’s some tips I found really enviro-green and interesting (as slaDE and I go through so many citrus items each week!).

Have you ever had a bunch of lemons or oranges going soft, but instead […]

composting with worms

Spring has sprung and I’m starting to think about gardening, birth, renewal. Tomorrow the world will celebrate Mother Earth in a collective vote of consciousness, with “Earth Hour”. Everyday I make an active choice to be conscious of my actions towards the Earth that nurtures and supports me. My husband and I actively compost, just […]