Behind again :(

So so busy …. and truly behind on my blogging. This has been an incredible whirlwind of a journey thus far in trying to get our Airstream ready to head south. All this plus making the time to visit with friends and family keeps me challenged in trying to fit everything in. And my writing is suffering :(.

Could it be that we really left Calgary a month today? Feels more like a year! This past weekend, we were divinely blessed to spend Halloween with my dearest two girlfriends and their families, in upstate New York. Trick or treating with children is kind of like re-experiencing Disneyworld with children in tow. Fabulous and light-hearted, and oh so much fun. Time with my girlfriends is oh so precious, and this weekend fit the bill perfectly. We then made a detour through Toronto on our way home, spending more quality time with good friends, eating succulent meals along the way (‘The Friendly Thai‘ rocks!). Our time is completely full and blessed. So thankful for all those that bring so much love and happiness along our journey. The Airstream awaits patiently as we ready her for her maiden voyage into the unknown. Thank you to all that are so supportive of us in this amazing journey of a dream fulfilled.

Wesbite dilemmas

I truly am ahuge fan of computer technology. All the tools of the trade for updating websites and blogs and photo galleries are fantastic! Yet, for me, there is a love / hate relationship with the ease of those cre8tive software programs that are supposed to make life easier. Let me explain …. I will always be a MAC user, first and foremost. In my current job (until tomorrow!) i use a PC to fulfill my daily duties. The PC does the job, but it doesn’t leave me breathless, craving for me. Switch to my home life: I love how I can be cre8tive and at ease, spending hours enjoying the cre8tive luxuries of my laptop. With deadlines to be met and an impending move from life as we know it (just under a week away) I’m using as much help as I can with web design programs that make my life just a bit easier and supposedly cre8te more free time to devote to the matters at hand. I’m speaking of tools such as iWeb ’08 and Rapidweaver.

hard at workI’m currently using both software programs to manage my blogs for and respectively. Rapidweaver is quite a nice simple program with some cool easy design features. However, I’m unwilling to bite the bullet and pay big bucks for the licensing option of having more than 2 web pages on my site. This leaves me in limbo with designing additional blog entries for our travel blog. In addition to the that, I’ve unfortunately run into a wall with iWeb. This web design program for beginners has corrupted my last 20 hours of work put into the photo gallery additions I just recently updated last week, and I’ve no way to update the website until I recreate the master files, from scratch. The worst part of the process is the fact that iWeb doesn’t allow me to reimport my old backup files, which I DO have and are shining online in all their glory. If I had began the design process in Dreamweaver, as I usually do with all my professional web design work, there wouldn’t have been any issues. However, I do love the time-saving web gallery capabilities of iWeb, but only when its working and incorruptible. To say that I have been close to tears of frustration and disappointment is an understatement. The solution: I need to recreate all those files within iWeb before I can upload any new blog entries or add any additional photos. Wah! I’m starting to get into blog mode for our new travels and adventures, but there’s no way to upload them. Pure and utter discontentment.

Taking a deep breath, I stop and pause to think. I need to prioritize my time, it being so precious at the moment, and leave these tech issues on the sidelines while I get to work at packing up our lives and shifting into travel mode. It may be 3-4 weeks before I get the issues sorted out. Most unfortunate, yes. Life threatening, no. So with a sigh of release and acceptance, I wanted to inform you of the reasons behind why our website and blog is in stagnant limbo. It’s not because I’m being irreverent or neglectful. It’s because I’ve just run out of time to deal with the dooming, looming technical difficulties that don’t quite fit into my problem-solving schedule at the moment.

Oh how I wish that I had just bit the bullet and learned the ropes with WordPress.

Sending this with much patience, apologies and love.

Facebook frenzy

FacebookOn the Facebook blog this morning, I was totally amazed at hearing this truth: “More than 175 million people use Facebook. If it were a country, it would be the sixth most populated country in the world.” It’s truly amazing how FB has been such an international phenomenon. I’m not a myspace user, never have and probably never will be (never say never :)), but I wonder how myspace features in popularity to FB?? Quite impressive, I must say, when you look at the numbers. I probably spend at least 30 minutes and upwards each and every day, communicating with friends, posting photos to my albums, and just catching up on everybody’s business. Did I really just say that? Well, yes indeed, FB has become the ultimate spy! Scary when you think about it, especially when FB turns around and says that: they own your content, whether that be photos, emails, wall postings, etc. (earlier this month FB changed its policy to say user content belonged to Facebook). Ack! With as many users as there is, CNN states that it’s no surprise that so many “outraged members canceled their accounts or created online petitions”. In fact, it created such a stir that “on Wednesday, Facebook reviewed user “feedback,” and reverted to its old policy”. Nice to know that they’re listening, ‘for now’. Keep alert dear people.

I love sharing my life with my friends and acquaintances, but at what cost to my own privacy and security, am I doing this?? Safety and security online is a misnomer, a myth, and certainly an untruth. The ultimate spy indeed, the internet. Look at Google Earth, Google maps … Google anything! Your backyard is our backyard, your content is the world’s content. Be wary, be smart and be safe out there, you hear?

Thought of the day: on journalling

Journalling: inspiration stationI think that journalling can be such a wonderful and insightful cathartic release at times. At one stage in my life, I kept a journal everyday when I was travelling. I actually miss those days, where the hand flows freely and there is no fear in unravelling that which is contained within. A private viewing of sorts into the unknown and the often scattered.

This blog has been wonderful in a sense, allowing me to explore my inner depths, but there is only so much that I am willing to share with my loyal fans (bless you all!). The road of self-discovery and learning will continue to my grave. And with a journal, I can fully give of myself, without fear of criticism. It’s my safety net, my divulgence sanctuary, my refuge from the bitter and cold places within. A space to escape from the fear-mongering, regretful, critical, perfection-seeking, busy cavity a.k.a. my brain … I can scream, be silly, vent, cre8tively explore feelings and beliefs that I am unable to or uncomfortable with sharing, even if I appear as ‘anonymous’. It truly can be magical.

So why have I stopped and / or avoided the process and physicality of journalling? A very good question indeed. Laziness, I believe, has a lot to do with my decision, my choice. That and accountability, to myself, of actually ‘locking in’ the most private depths of my being. A scary place to be if discovered by another. And oddly enough, I’ve had thoughts of what would happen when I die to my captured secret world within? Of course, and would it really matter at that point?

Project sKYlog:

Each morning, ask myself, “What do I really really want?” List the 5 things that are most pressing for me right in that moment.
In the evening, recording my gratitude – 5 things I was grateful for that day.