Christmas in Florida

I find it so interesting, waking up to Florida sunshine and warmth on this day of holiday celebration, instead of the traditional cold snowy wintry mornings of a Canadian Christmas. I feel blessed to share this day with friends and my husband, lucky enough to have the opportunity to jump out of an airplane as a breath of release and gratitude in celebrating the holiday season.

Have a wonderful beautiful Christmas my friends …. hoping that the holidays are filled with blessings and joy, wherever you may be!

Happy Easter!

easter van goghI’m heading to the mountains today with some dear friends of ours …. to a cabin in the middle of nowhere (on the outskirts of Golden) with no internet access nor running water. Some of the best views are from the outhouse, when you leave the door open (and not because of the smell ;)). And sipping red wine by the burning fire in the evenings are fantastic. Sadly, slaDE is not coming with, as he promised his foreman that he’d work this weekend (it was a last minute invitation). This means that the house is not going to get cleaned this weekend as intended and the dishes will have to sit for a few more days — unless my hubby gets the urge to clean!

All in all, I’ll not be posting on Flickr nor catching up with Family and Friends, as there are no cell phone towers in the area. Yoga will be self-practice, catching up on my course notes will finally come to fruition and this will be a wonderful way to get away from it all (apart from sharing a mas-iversary dinner with my lovely). Here’s wishing you Easter Greetings in advance!