August 2020
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Yoga and Healthy Living on the Road

With very little sleep and a lack of desired preparation for today’s ‘Healthy Living on the Road’ workshop, I was running on pure adrenaline in addition to being a wee bit nervous about standing up teaching about what I deem healthy choices in my life. slaDE was laid back and open to me being the […]

A Season of Change – Are We There Yet?

The clock ticks ever-closer to the dawn of the calendar changeover — December in to January, another year, another 12 months alive on this planet.

What are you going to do to welcome in this New Season and New Year?? Are you able to fully embrace what 2011 will hold? The unexpected, the change, the […]

Massage times 2.

When the body is aching and the soul needs a lift in spirit, what do we crave and search for? A massage is the perfect remedy in my mind … and somehow we managed to stumble across David Henderson ( here on the Outer Banks. David is a therapist gifted with the touch of grace […]

Road Trip choices

Jamie Oliver has been encouraging and motivating people around the world to change their diet and lifestyle. The blog by Canadian Karen ,”The Scattered Mom”, is one such example of a motivated Mother searching for healthy choices within her family and travelling lifestyle.

Karen’s inventory below is truly an inspiring checklist to follow on […]

The Story of Cosmetics

The ugly truth of toxins going in, toxins coming out? That would describe the ‘Story of Stuff’ project called “The Story of Cosmetics“. In our current day society, a large percentage of what we consume and utilize on this planet has been over-processed, under-tested and mis-handled. The closer we get to natural, the better […]

A whole lot of Angry, a whole lot of Compassion

Today I read a blog that sparked a detailed response to a posting from a ‘celebrity’ who qualifies herself as an inspirational guru of health and fitness. Man, is she One Angry Chick (her words, not mine)!

I’m not sure if Brittany will delete my comment in moderating her blog entry of ‘The Revolution is […]

The best doctors anywhere!

The sun is shIning brightly and the temperature is just so perfect. Wanting to make the most of this postcard perfect day, I went for a gorgeous speed walk this morning, feeling alive, vibrant, happy and healthy. What’s the recipe to health and happiness you might ask?? Well here’s part of the answer for me, […]

Sunscreen: to use or not to use??

I truly believe that sunscreen can be potentially good and a necessary accessory when I’m out for long jaunts in the sun, where a ball-cap and clothing fails to protect my barren white legs and wrinkle-prone face (think summertime at the beach). Skin cancer is a very real phenomenon, one which I dare not risk, […]

Essential Oils and Herbs, in all their glory

That which exists in Nature will save us. All the high tech gadgetry and artificial replications of Nature’s tools will never replace what can be found living in our own backyards. Here’s a perfect example about the herb Thyme, as published in the UK Daily Mail:

Scientists have found that the common […]

Organization 101 – – a start

I’m starting to get into that mode of de-cluttering. Or at least think about it. But where to start? Starting the task of clearing out the ‘stuff’ is always the most difficult part of the challenge, for me. Because there’s always SO much to do. But once I get into that mindset, that mode, the […]