July 2019
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Yoga and Healthy Living on the Road

With very little sleep and a lack of desired preparation for today’s ‘Healthy Living on the Road’ workshop, I was running on pure adrenaline in addition to being a wee bit nervous about standing up teaching about what I deem healthy choices in my life. slaDE was laid back and open to me being the […]

Almonds: are they really 'raw'?

I really like the website and information that the Cornucopia Institute offers. They provide relevant education and in turn support “the ecological principles and economic wisdom underlying sustainable and organic agriculture”. In a world where few sources are to be trusted regarding the food we’re eating, the Cornucopia Institute appears to be a relevant source […]

Market Days

I love going to a Farmer’s Market, especially in the height of seasonal goodness! Every Friday morning in Port Colborne, when in town, I’ve been diligent about cruising the fresh produce stands of the local community farmers, recycled bags at hand, ready to reel in my healthy purchases.

And everywhere I […]

Road Trip choices

Jamie Oliver has been encouraging and motivating people around the world to change their diet and lifestyle. The blog by Canadian Karen ,”The Scattered Mom”, is one such example of a motivated Mother searching for healthy choices within her family and travelling lifestyle.

Karen’s inventory below is truly an inspiring checklist to follow on […]

A whole lot of Angry, a whole lot of Compassion

Today I read a blog that sparked a detailed response to a posting from a ‘celebrity’ who qualifies herself as an inspirational guru of health and fitness. Man, is she One Angry Chick (her words, not mine)!

I’m not sure if Brittany will delete my comment in moderating her blog entry of ‘The Revolution is […]

Nerves of Aluminum Steel

Day 1 of Alumapalooza:

Today was the day! At 9am, with much anticipation (mixed with a healthy dose of nervousness), slaDE and I took front row and centre stage at the Alumapalooza main tent to offer some basic yoga stretches, along with ‘Healthy Living on the Road’ tips. I wasn’t certain as to what […]

The Best Guacamole Recipe!

In our travels this winter, we’ve come across a plethora of avocados. Sinfully delicious and oh so healthy for you (next to olives, an avocado is highest in monounsaturated fatty acids ~ 20%). As stated on ‘The Juicing for Health‘ website: “The monounsaturated fats and the wholesome nutrition [of an avocado] helps the basal metabolic […]