Ayurveda World

Today was my busiest day yet here … 3 different duties kept me active through the day. At the end of it I was feeling quite exhausted as I’m not up to speed yet with this flu bug hanging on for dear life. However, I’m trying not to let the sickness wear me down too much, finding sleep where I can manage, diligently taking my Ayurvedic medicine suggested by the Ayurvedic clinic (situated at the base of the MMC). The premise behind Ayurveda is that it “uses synergistic blends of herbs and medicinal substances to support the efficient functioning of the body and to address underlying imbalances, based on traditional Ayurvedic principles and processes.” Today I found solace in several ‘prescriptions’ they offered as suggestions in my healing plan:

ayurvedaSitopaldi powder – a traditional expectorant used to dispel coughs and colds (Ingredients: Pippli fruit {HOT like cayenne}, Dalchini bark, Ela seed). Taken 2-3 times per day in the form of a hot tea.

Cough Syrup [beats the horrendous and useless Nyquil I bought the other day] – a traditional lung tonic used to dispel coughs and colds (Ingredients: Ginger, Elecampane & Osha Tincture, Honey). Taken 3-4 times per day followed by warm liquids.

Turmeric Powder – gargle twice a day in hot water. I had to take note: turmeric stains anything that it comes in to contact with. Not just the glass cup used to swirl the mixture in, but the bathroom sink and any clothes that happen to receive any back splash. I’ve resorted to gargling and spitting outside in to the tall grass. Even the grass is turning a bright yellow :).

Anu Thailam – helps to relieve headaches, allergies, sinus pain and rhinitus. (Ingredients: Sesame Oil, Milk, Holostemma tuber, Himalayan cedar heartwood, Nutgrass tuber, Cinnamon stem bark, Indian sarsaparilla root, Licorice root, Sedge tuber, Wild asparagus tuber, Sugarcane plant, Bael tree root, Indian crocus rhizome, Solanum root, Desmodium root, Pseudarthria root, Embelia seed, Cardamom fruit, Chaste tree seed). I was suffering from the beginnings of an ear ache, so I wanted to nip this in the bud. The directions had me place several drops in each ear and 3 drops in each nose. The latter instructions have me saying NEVER again. Why? Well, in putting down the nose, the mixture ran down my throat. I wasn’t expecting the horrendous taste or physical body reaction. I went into a sneezing fit that lasted (no kidding) 1/2 hour. The taste remained in my throat for the rest of the day and I vowed not to repeat despite any benefit that might occur.

I’m excited at the prospect of an alternative health care plan. We’ll see how effective it is as the week goes on.


Meralgia Paresthetica

Say what? Now that’s a mouthful, Meralgia Paresthetica. This is a medical term for a condition that I am currently suffering from. As the Mayo Clinic has defined, “Meralgia paresthetica is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer part of your thigh. The condition is caused by compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which supplies sensation to your upper leg.” My doctor stated that some common causes of this condition stem from wearing tight clothing (such as tight low-rise jeans or spandex), obesity or weight gain, and pregnancy. Excess sitting, squatting, extended walking or the wearing of a wide belt compressing the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve will increase symptoms. Umm, not such great news for me. I don’t have a standing desk and have no other option to do my work than to sit on various platforms (choices of a chair, exercise ball, the wooden floor or a bolster). Ideally, a standing desk would be optimal. However, I am still curious as to what might have brought this condition on! I’m not pregnant, my clothes are quite loose (think yoga gear), I may have gained some weight, but nothing too drastic, and I can’t be classified as obese. Hence the mystery, and a sometimes burning numbing and painful one at that!

After a bit more questioning about what my habits have been of late, we seemed to have wheedled the possible cause down to the fact that I’ve been using my laptop almost daily, for long hours, perched on my lap. Practically I would be working at a table or desktop, but with our mobile lifestyles, much time is spent on the computer in the truck or sitting on the comfy Airstream couch — no real desk but the kitchen table. I of course use a lapmount buckwheat pillow to separate the MacBook’s intense heat from my legs. But obviously, even the weight of the pillow is creating distress within my body. Sigh, this shifts so much!

I need to come up with a table like surface that doesn’t rest on my lap but allows me to work in the truck or on the couch. Any suggestions?