Tired but content

exhaustedThe days are getting shorter, the weather has a chill in the air and without even a breath of warning, summer ended and danced to the end of Fall rather than the beginning. For the most part, the leaves are on the ground without even a week of an autumn preview. How I miss the colourful kaleidoscope of Ontario maple ‘showers’!

The weekend went by so quickly! I had the joy of chauffeuring my niece from the Calgary airport to Banff whilst catching up on the family time that I rarely get to experience with her. Taking advantage of the mountain air, I submerged myself in the decadence of the Banff hot-springs, trying to melt away the stress from the past few days I’ve had at work. A HUGE conference is happening this Friday for my department, and on Wednesday they dropped a bombshell in my lap: finishing a program brochure to be printed by Monday morning. Since then, I dedicated all of my working hours to the project plus an extra 10.5 hours of overtime. I certainly deserved the comfort of a release of tension.

The evening was spent with my lovely husband, celebrating our special mas-iversary that we enjoy monthly. The company was decadent but the mexican food left much to be desired. We’ve been spoiled by our food experiences south of the american border.

After a lazy lie in, we were entranced by the dvd ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. Actually last night I started to watch it but fell asleep within a few minutes (I know, impossible you say … asleep during HP??!). And then we cycled over to visit with our LRC friends. Most importantly I saw my beloved Bill.

Our meeting was cut short as I promised to go into to work to finish the project started on Wednesday. I’m happy to say, it is complete and no longer a source of stress.

A day of “Pottering” around

Phoenix rising


1. do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly
[syn: putter]

Today was one of those days, mucking about randomly, enjoying a casual Sunday whilst doing the tasks I find get left by the wayside during the week … laundry, housekeeping duties, etc. But to my joy and bliss, I had both the men in my life keeping me company. Normally slaDE~ is skydiving at the dropzone, but with a sore ankle, he opted for the safer side of domesticity 🙂 and Bill, my lovely 82 year old boyfriend entertained us with his wit and charm (almost back to his normal self, after having spent the last 4 days with us healing from his eye surgery).

Okay, all potter / putter analogies aside, last night we went to see the 5th installment of Harry Potter (and the Order of the Phoenix).
WOW, wow, WOW.
Not only is it incredible cinematic wizardry, but the 3D IMAX version is worth the 5 week wait that I’ve patiently held out to see this magical movie with slaDE~. A must see … my favourite of all JK’s movies yet!

Psst … The 3D broom flying along the Thames is fantastical!! I’d happily see it again, in a heartbeat.